My First Day in Barcelona

by Harriet Freeman

I remember my first day in Barcelona. I got to the city center on the Aerobus from the Airport of Barcelona. I got off and saw this nice square called Plaza Catalunya in front of my eyes, it was then when I realized that I was in Barcelona! My dream of visiting one of the jewels of Europe had come true.

I was very excited and wanted to get to the apartment in Las Ramblas that I had rented. I was eager to see if it was as nice as I had seen in the pictures. So, I asked somebody where the Ramblas were. Not far! Just at the other side of the square, turning right.

Once in Las Ramblas, I quickly saw the fountain of Canaletes, where FC Barcelona fans celebrate the victories of the best football team in Europe! I must admit that I think “deep red-blue blood” runs through my veins. I started walking down Las Ramblas which were so crowded… What stroke me the most was the beautyof the place and the buildings on both sides of the famous avenue. On the right, the market of La Boqueria was inviting me to enter and see its stalls with the most colorful, fresh fruit and vegetables. But I couldn’t stop, I wanted to get to my accommodation in Barcelona and leave my bags. So, I went on my way down Las Ramblas and saw the Gran Teatre del Liceu. I really love opera and this is one of the best opera halls in Europe!

The buildings were not the only things in Las Ramblas that caught my attention. There were loads of street performers, stallholders, peddlers and painters in this emblematic avenue of Barcelona. I could feel the lively ambiance in Las Ramblas, and noticed that having a walk along this street was one of the best things to do in Barcelona.

The human statues were impressive! A beautiful angel in front of me was smiling but didn’t move. There were people around her, a little kid got near her and throw a coin into the hat at her feet. The nice angel made a slow, gentle move and sent a kiss to her audience. A little further down, there was a couple dancing a tango. They were dressed up in smart tango clothes and their dance was so beautiful and sensual… When they finished, the people who had got together around gave them a big round of applause. It was fantastic!

I was about to get to my apartment. I just had to turn left, walk through the Plaza Real and along a few narrow streets in the Gothic quarter. It was not difficult to find the place. I got to the apartment and when I came in, it was perfect! As beautiful as I had seen in the pictures and with all the equipment promised. I was so happy! My life in Barcelona had just started and I’m still living here after 4 years…