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A Pie for Every Palate

Thanksgiving is such a happy time of year – family and food abounds, and there is a warm sense of relaxation and togetherness that settles over those around you. But sometimes as wonderful as it is, it can also be stressful if you’re trying to feed a whole family with differing tastes. Whether the argument be over stuffing or cranberry sauce or pies, it’s hard to suit every individual preference.

And while you can’t always please everyone, you can certainly try! I’m starting today by looking at pies, taking traditional ideas and giving them a new and inspired spin, and also introducing a few more unconventional confections for those less traditional folks who don’t mind something out of the ordinary for a Thanksgiving feast.

We all know the basic Thanksgiving pies – we’ve got apple, pecan and pumpkin. On their own, they can get boring and stale, but there is so much you can do with a simple pie to make it a smashing success (with everyone). The key to a killer pie is to start with a really fantastic pie dough, and build layers of flavor from there. This crust here uses an unconventional ingredient to achieve the perfect flaky pie crust texture – vodka! But trust me, it’s perfect, and can be swapped into any pie recipe for the given crust.

So let’s get down to those fillings, shall we? I’ll break down fun flavor additions to our most traditional pie categories, and then introduce a few outside-the-box options as well.

Apple Pie: arguably the most traditional Thanksgiving pie, and a definite American tradition, this pie is always delicious but often uninspired. Below are a few fun twists that might be worth exploring.

Pumpkin Pie: another Thanksgiving favorite, but often falls short on flavor. Pumpkin itself is a mild ingredient, so it needs lots of help to showcase it’s flavor to the fullest potential. Why not try one of these ideas?

Pecan Pie: last but certainly not least, this nutty creation is overly sweet but very rarely features any type of variation. You could be the family favorite this year, if you decide to dress up your plain old pecan pie with one of these variations.

Now if you’re looking to get off the beaten path completely, I’ve got a few more ideas for you. These pies are rarely linked to Thanksgiving festivities, but that’s not to say they won’t become family favorites after the first bite. If you’re looking to mix it up these year, try one of these non-traditional pie ideas.

Non-traditional pies

I hope you find at least some inspiration in these recipes, and that they get you excited in the kitchen – I know I will be!

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