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Today we’re featuring a post from another inspiring traveling Family. Jenn Miller and her family have been on the road, living it up and keeping us up to date at the Edventure Project.

by Jenn Miller

Our mornings are all very different, and yet, delightfully the same, no matter the continent or country. Children wander from tents or hammocks, beds or boat bunks. Tea is brewed. The day’s adventure begins. Every morning I remember; this is why we live this life: Because it’s about the people, memories & moments, not things. Our life is lived without a clock, without cubicles or classrooms and on our own terms.

Almost four years ago we sold our house and our stuff, quit a six figure job, packed up our four children and hit the road. The idea was to take a year “off” and bicycle from London, England to Tunisia and back. Somewhere in there, our gap year became our life and the Edventure Project was born.

Why would someone do that? Especially with kids?!

There are lots of families that do, and I can’t speak for all of them, but for us, these five reasons just about sum it up:

1. Love People, Not Things

This is a mantra we repeat often to our toddlers and try to live out as a family. It guides so many of the choices we make, including the choice to travel as a way of life. We’ve intentionally chosen to spend our lives building relationships with each other and with our children, full time, instead of investing the time in jobs, projects or pursuits that would send us chasing other directions after other things.