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by Jason Brick

Travel to foreign countries is always an adventure, travelling there with children doubly so. It creates a situation where a parent has to balance a fun and enriching experience against the risk of a child becoming hurt or lost in a place where you don’t know the language, layout or laws. Although every country presents its own unique challenges, a few safety rules apply wherever you choose to take you little travelers.

1. Be Realistic

Don’t plan on a 10-mile hike along the Great Wall if you have two toddlers. Don’t go to Mexico City with your teenage daughter. Your trip will be better if you plan it with the abilities of your kids in mind. The U.S. State Department keeps updated files on how safe other countries are – and can help you plan the right trip for your family.

2. Have and Practice a Plan

Create an emergency plan for the most common family travel troubles: a lost family member, getting separated and an injured child. Give each person a specific job – even toddlers can learn to grab onto mommy or look for somebody official. Practice each scenario at home until everybody knows their part.

3. Keep a Photo Handy

Imagine for a moment describing what your child looks like, while panicked, using a foreign language. If you have an image on-hand you can bypass that problem with a solution worth 1,000 words. Better yet, snap a photo with your cell phone every morning as the family leaves for the day’s adventure. That picture will include your child’s current hairstyle and the day’s outfit.