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Today we are featuring Oasis Collections, a full-service hospitality company that pairs vacation and business travelers with handpicked properties throughout South America. Their blog features travel tips, destination-specific itineraries, music playlists and much more. 

No visit to Buenos Aires is complete without a juicy steak from one of the city’s famous steakhouses; a slice of Argentine, cheese-heavy pizza; or a bowl of perfectly al dente homemade pasta influenced by the country’s rich Italian heritage. Known as the “Three P’s,” these food staples are consumed on a daily basis by locals and tourists alike. From the city’s hundreds of restaurants that we’ve personally tried (I know, hard work!), we picked our favorite on-the-radar restaurant for each “P” as well as an off-the-beaten-track spot. We hope you give at least one of them a try the next time you’re in Buenos Aires.