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Today we’re featuring a post by Melissa Ruttanai, a world traveler and the blogger behind World Winder. She and her husband, Neil, have been traveling the world and recording their experiences since they married in 2006. You can follow Melissa on Twitter at @MelissaRuttanai

Toddlers laughed in the water jungle and water canons blasted overhead.  Teenagers screamed inside enclosed slides, as they jettisoned from the top of a platform through pitch-black darkness into a hard-splash pool.  At Water Country USA, hot dogs roast all day and lounge chairs are a commodity at summer’s height.  The sun was at its height, a heating lamp turning everyone a deep shade of brown, or red depending on the sunscreen.  On our family vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia, the weather had been fickle, changing from high heat to chilly rain as the day progressed.  The freak weather welcomed us to our rented townhouse.  It followed us to Colonial Williamsburg and lingered overhead at Busch Gardens.  But I had sketched out our week with enough back-up plans to thwart nature’s curveballs during our family vacation.