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Keeping the Kids Entertained on a Plane

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One of the most difficult parts of a family vacation is finding a way to keep the kids entertained on a long flight. We know that it’s hard to keep the kids quiet and in one place for a few minutes, let alone hours at a time. Chances are they aren’t interested in the in-flight movie (or it isn’t appropriate for them), and you need a way to keep them entertained and quiet so that they don’t make noise and draw unwanted glares from your fellow passengers.

So what do you do? Below are 5 suggestions on how to keep your kids entertained and help the time pass on longer flights:

Crossword and/or Sudoku games 

These are great games that the kids can do from their seat. Not only can you print them out for free (or buy a book full of hundreds of puzzles for cheap at the airport), but you can customize the difficulty for different ages. To keep the kids engaged in the puzzle, make a competition out of it, offering a small prize for whoever finishes first. Hopefully the runner up will ask to do another competition, asking for another opportunity to win a small prize.

Cell phones

If you have a smart phone download a handful of games that are suitable for your kids. Surfing through the thousands of games and apps while at the gate will help you kill time together! Make sure the games don’t require a connection to the internet, as you will need to keep your phone on airplane mode or be willing to pay for internet. You never know if they’ll discover their next favorite game to keep them entertained in the car, or whenever you are looking for some quiet time.

DIY crafts

DIY crafts are a great way to keep the kids occupied on a long flight, and most don’t require many materials. And the best part about most DIY projects is that you can do them from your seat, such as this DIY project for Snooki sunglasses my co-worker made with her daughter on their flight from Los Angeles to Miami (using a strong glue stick instead of a hot glue gun). Make sure the project doesn’t require many materials and won’t take up a lot of room in your carry-on. Also make sure the materials are allowed to be brought on the plane.

Favorite TV shows/Movies

While the in flight movies and TV shows might not be suitable for your kids, you can download your own. This is great if you are traveling with a laptop and/or tablet such as an iPad, as you can download almost any movie on these platforms. You can also stream a movie through sites such as Netflix prior to takeoff, and then watch it once you are in the air. Just make sure not to restart the device or else you will lose what you already streamed!

Books and homework

Does your child have any homework or reading assignments due in school? Take care of them on the plane; you’d rather finish them before your vacation than afterwards. If they don’t have homework, give them a book to read. To entice them to get into the book (which helps time fly faster), you can give them a quiz on it afterwards and they earn a prize for scoring well.