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A warm sandy beach vacation in Tel Aviv will surely eliminate your cold weather blues. With its long expanse of pleasant brown sand located next to the city, you’ll have toasty toes in no time. Another benefit to visiting Tel Aviv is the city itself, which features numerous accommodations, delectable restaurants and nightlife.

Tel Aviv beach is one long expanse. However, you’ll find that the site is split into a number of separate beaches with each one offering unique dining, plenty of local residents and an abundance of activities. Several of the best Tel Aviv beaches include:

Tzuk Beach

You will have to pay to visit this beach, but with the first-class amenities on site, it’s definitely worth the cost. However, it is located on the north side of town, and you will need a car to get there.

Gordon-Frishman Beach

With its proximity to the city, Gordon-Frishman Beach is busy. However, you’ll find plenty of warm sand, comfortable ocean waters and sun.

Banana Beach

When you are looking for a fun time, Banana Beach is the place to go. Locals choose to visit Banana Beach for a drink while enjoying the picturesque sunset. Also, residents enjoy meeting travelers and may offer you a few tips regarding the city. You’ll find visitors from all over the world at Banana Beach. Moreover, the café offers tables and chairs for a comfortable evening spent with drinks and friends.

Dolphinarium Beach

If you enjoy listening to the performances of local musicians while vacationing, then Dolphinarium Beach should be your destination. The tone is youth oriented, and you’ll enjoy the weekly Friday music festival. However, the facilities are lacking, so if you prefer a pristine beach, then this is not the place for you.

Alma Beach

When you are in need of a quiet beach experience, Alma Beach will accommodate you. It doesn’t have a life guard, so you will need to be cautious when swimming and look out for the jellyfish. Also, you’ll find a number of locals picnicking on the beach with their grills, which may make you hungry. Moreover, this south side beach is enjoyable, and a delightful place to visit.

Religious Beach

The city has earmarked this beach for religious observation. Therefore, certain days are assigned to men and women. However, if you’re visiting on Saturday, then it’s free to all interested beach dwellers. Keep in mind that women may enjoy the quietness of a male excluded beach during their days of the week.

Tel Baruch Beach

Once popular for its unseemly “working girls,” the beach is now mostly free of them. You will need a vehicle to get to Tel Baruch Beach. However, it’s worth locating due to a wide stretch of sand and now family friendly atmosphere.

Metzitzim Beach

Metzitzim Beach shares its name with a well-known Israeli 70s movie, which has increased the beach’s popularity. Furthermore, you’ll find a beach bar, young hip crowd and plenty of sand and water.

Hilton Beach

With its location by the Hilton Hotel, this popular surf beach is beloved by gay visitors, dog walkers and travelers interested in beach activities such as volleyball. In fact, the beach tempts surfers regardless of the weather as long as the waves are plentiful. You’ll also find amenities such as beach chairs and bathrooms.

Miscellaneous Beaches

You’ll find several beaches that share their names with local streets that connect to them like Trumpeldor and Bograshov. Another great place to spend a day lounging in the sand is at Jerusalem Beach.

When you need to worship the sun, Tel Aviv provides plenty of places in which to do so. Furthermore, you’ll find a beach where you can be yourself while spending time with other travelers who share your interests.