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With less than a month to go before America heads to the polls, we keep thinking about the candidates hitting the road. After all, for those of us here at FlipKey, visiting over 25 towns across the country in a month sounds like a dream job – but who can afford it? Over the past four months, President Obama’s campaign travel expenses haveĀ totaledĀ a cool $3 million, which may have factored into his decision to skip this year’s summer vacation. Meanwhile, challenger Mitt Romney has shown that the first step to becoming president is traveling like one: the former governor has poured close to $10 million into travel for himself and his staff. Looking at these price tags, we decided to go to work and find out exactly what it takes to travel like a president…

Presidential Campaign Travel Comparison
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Since introducingĀ our research on Hawaii Travel Trends, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback about planning a vacation to the islands. We also found some other useful infographics that can help you determine where and when to go when you want to visit the Pacific Paradise. These travel tips come straight from our friends at Go Visit Hawaii and Hawaiian Beach Rentals – both experts in getting into the Aloha spirit.