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Music Lovers: The Perfect Destinations for Every Genre

There’s something about live music that strikes a music lover’s soul. No matter what your taste may be, listening to your favorite musician or your favorite song live has the power to affect people on an emotional level. Just being in the same room as the musician and watching the music being created without auto-tune or editing is unlike any experience you can get at home.

Now imagine having that experience in a town that is known for its musical talents. Being around people who appreciate that music as much as you do takes it to another level. Strangers can become friends by the end of the night when you share a passion for the same music. And if the first venue you try isn’t for you, then there are plenty more down the street in music-invested towns.

What if your passion is for a particular style? Whether you’re a die-hard country cowboy or a jazz aficionado, we have good news for you: Across the U.S. are a myriad of towns that will fill your need to hear country, jazz, indie-rock or whatever genre suits your fancy. We took the liberty of compiling America’s top music destinations, along with rentals in close proximity to popular venues. Take a sneak peak at some of those properties below!


1. Philadelphia
Philly’s local music scene has exploded over the past years, most notably starting in the 80’s. From classical to R&B and Hip Hop, Philly has vibrant and diverse music tastes. Some well-known Philly musicians? Try Will Smith, Lisa Lopes of TLC, Chiddy Bang, and The Roots.

2. Nashville
Named by Rolling Stone as having the country’s “Best Music Scene”, Nashville is a must-visit. From the venues, to bars, to record and clothing stores, Nashville has it all for music lovers. Sleep, eat, shop, and listen in true rocker style.

3. Austin
Aside from having a great entertainment scene, Austin is home to many of the best music festivals. South by Southwest, Urban Music Festival,  and Fun, Fun, Funfest are just a few of them. And with nearly 200 venues to choose from, you might have a hard time finding places without musicians.

4. New York
New York’s music scene, much like the city itself, is a “melting pot” of music genres and styles. It also is the birthplace of salsa, hip hop, and disco. The city hosts numerous festivals, has hundreds of venues, and has some of the best musical theatre in the country. With this many options, it might be awhile before you get to sort through it all.