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Does Professional Photography Increase Booking Activity and Revenue?

A Case Study by Jeff Corn, CEO of Virtuance Photography & Virtual Tours

It is generally agreed that high quality photos shot by a professional photographer look better than those shot by an amateur. But a better-looking photo is useless if it doesn’t produce measurable results, and for vacation rental managers that means increased bookings and higher revenues.

At Virtuance, we’ve spent years analyzing booking habits, visual psychology, and online engagement practices of buyers and vacationers. As part of this, we developed a proprietary imaging system, HDReal, that delivers images with a visual aesthetic that elicits a powerful and engaging emotional connection to a property.

Using analytical data from our client’s booking sites, we’ve been able to precisely determine the impact of HDReal imagery before and after marketing the property with HDReal images. The difference  is dramatic.

Consider the example below of before and after images for a well-known ski-market client:



Over a 3-month period in 2011, this property received 1,222 page-views and 41 booked nights. In the same 3-month period in 2012, after implementing HDReal imagery, the property received 3,163 page views and 81 booked nights – during a period when bookings market-wide were down from 2011. That is a 159% increase in online views and a 98% increase in booked nights, all for less than $200.

Our small and large clients in the mountains, on the beach, and in between see similar dramatic increases in views and bookings – an indication of the benefit of professional photography.

Virtuance is a vacation rental photography company that produces images that not only look great, but most importantly, are specifically engineered to engage visitors and result in increased bookings for property managers and owners – all at less than the cost of one night’s booking.

To find out more about how Virtuance can help you increase views and bookings through HDReal imagery, visit us at www.virtuancevr.com or call for a free quote. FlipKey clients: mention code HDREALFLIPKEY to receive 15% off.

Jeff Corn
Co-Founder, CEO
Virtuance Photography & Virtual Tours
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