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Appealing to Different Types of Travelers

“A one size fits all” sort of attitude does not work when it comes to renting out vacation homes. Travelers are just as varied as the destinations from which they are choosing for their next adventure. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of having a fully booked rental for the entire season, it’s a good idea to take the different types of traveler personalities into consideration when advertising your home. We’ve selected several to focus on, but this collection is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to targeting travelers.

Bargain Hunters

Bargain hunters are travelers who are always on the lookout for deals and discounts. The best time to focus on this type is during your off-season. It’s certainly easier to secure full-priced bookings during peak season when the demand is at its highest, so when inquiries are just trickling in this is your opportunity to appeal to those seeking the best deal your area has to offer. The obvious way to attract this traveler is through discounted nightly rates and a reduction in the minimum amount of nights you require per stay, but you could also offer bargains in other forms. Gift certificates or coupons to local eateries, spa and wellness centers, or fun indoor activities like rock climbing may provide that extra “umpf” to edge out the competition.

Empty Nesters

Couples’ whose children are now adults, who have moved out of their house, have entered the land of “Empty Nesters.” This is another group that you can turn your attention to during the off-season. Not bound by school schedules, these travelers have more freedom when it comes to the time of year they can choose to plan their trip and may prefer to skip the crowds during your area’s busier season. You can appeal to this group by including in your property description the advantages of staying at your home during the non-tourist season. Highlight local attractions that are open in the off-season or you could frame your rental as their ticket to a pampered paradise. By creating a guide to your area’s best relaxation spots (think spa treatments) or ways to feel pampered in your home (personal chef, anyone?) will certainly help to appeal to these travelers.


This group of travelers is trading in long vacations in exotic locales for shorter, weekend stays in destinations a little closer to home. Prospective travelers that live within driving distance of your rental are good targets for when the weather starts getting colder and the last of the tourists have petered out. Families looking to escape for the weekend or during their child’s short breaks that are sprinkled throughout the school year fall into the semi-local category and hopefully fall into the blank dates on your rental calendar!

Corporate Retreats

Vacation rentals are ideal for corporate retreats whether a company is looking to improve office morale with a relaxing trip aimed at strengthening the bond between employees, or just looking for a change in scenery to help prevent creativity from becoming stagnant. When appealing to this segment emphasize space and the calm, peaceful nature of your home—perfect for getting a little work done! Also, be sure to highlight that your home is ideal for large groups and is close to activities suitable for team bonding, like cooking lessons at a local restaurant, which will help lure this traveler type.

By taking different traveler personalities into consideration and adjusting your property description, you’ll be able to attract even more guests to stay at your home. Editing your photo gallery so that you showcase some images highlighting features that are likely to persuade any one of these personality types is another easy way to grab their attention. So, take a little time and look over your property listing; tweaking a few things could end up earning you more each rental season.