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10 Reasons Why Catalina Island is Worth Your Vacation Time

By: Chelsea Tyler

As some of us here at FlipKey gear up to head to Catalina Island later this week, we decided that this would be a great time to share some insider knowledge of the island with our fellow travel enthusiasts! We’ve compiled 10 of our favorite reasons why Catalina should be one of your top travel destinations, but the truth is, there are almost too many to count.


While a stay on Catalina Island may make you think that you’re in a faraway paradise, the island is actually just a short trip away and easily accessible by boat. Enjoy an hour-long ocean ride from San Pedro, Long Beach, Dana Point, or Newport Beach to the island’s tourist hub, Avalon, located on the southeastern shore.

Golf Carts Galore
Have you ever wished that you could live in a community whose preferred means of transportation is the golf cart? If so, you’d fit right in at Catalina, where very few people have cars. In fact, California state legislature actually limits the number and size of cars in the city of Avalon! One square mile in size, it’s easily explorable on foot, and golf cart rentals are a popular way to explore the island.


Hamilton Cove
Mimicking the look and feel of a Grecian sanctuary, the Hamilton Cove Villas have to be some of our favorite places to rent on Catalina. Offering spectacular views and a full suite of amenities, these amazing condos are available through Catalina Island Vacation Rentals. They’re definitely worth a look as you sift through your accommodation choices!

Hamilton Cove

Sunny and 75
The climate on Catalina Island is often compared to that of the Mediterranean, but when it comes to attracting visitors, this destination may have more than weather at work. Amy Tran, Director of Marketing for Catalina Island Vacation Rentals, elaborates, “There’s just something magical about Catalina Island. From the moment you see the Island to the moment you (don’t want to) leave, you are engulfed in its charm, history, and uniqueness. Compared to the Mediterranean, many of Catalina Island Vacation Rentals’ repeat guests have made a Catalina getaway an annual tradition.” Well said, Amy!

Thrill Seekers Love Catalina, Too!
If lounging on the beach all day isn’t really your thing, get your adventure fix by utilizing one of the many bicycle, kayak, or parasailing rentals on the island. Still too relaxing? Maybe ziplining down Descanso Canyon at approximately 45 mph will scratch that thrill-seeking itch. At Catalina, there is plenty to do and to explore.


World Famous Beauty
Throughout the years, motion picture directors have been making use of Catalina’s landscape for the set of approximately 300 films. If that many filmmakers are inspired by its natural beauty, it must be worth discovering in person!

Island of Romance
“Twenty-six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me. Santa Catalina, the island of romance!” Ever since the Four Preps released their 1958 song “26 Miles,” Catalina Island has been affectionately named the “Island of Romance.” With plenty of secluded coves and couples’ activities to share with your one-and-only, this island is a great place to schedule your next romantic getaway.


The Tuna Club
If you have a fishing sport enthusiast in your life, or if you are one yourself, look towards Catalina Island to find America’s oldest fishing club. Established in 1898, this sports club boasts dignified and historic members such as Theodore Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, and Bing Crosby. The island’s long history with this sport makes it a great place to do some serious fishing!

Never a Dull Moment
With year-round visitors, this island community always has something planned! Check out the island’s events calendar for all of the upcoming attractions. What’s more, 2013 is the 100 year anniversary of Avalon! Join the city in celebrating this iconic birthday by planning your trip to Catalina before the end of the year.


Something for Everyone
Whether you’re 12 or 62, this island is sure to please. Catalina may not be the biggest island out there, but it has plenty of hiking, biking, museums, beaches, restaurants, shops, and accommodations to keep anyone happy come vacation time. Bring your family, your loved one, your grandmother, or just your dog! There’s something for everyone at Catalina.