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No Hotel Rooms Left in Red Sox Nation? Vacation Rentals are a Home Run!

Calling all Boston Red Sox fans! If you haven’t already, it’s time to prepare for the heaps of travelers that have flooded into the city for a chance to experience first-hand the seven most exciting baseball games of the season – the World Series. If you’re still trying to find a place to stay, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hotel room, let alone one that’s affordable. In light of the recent Red Sox World Series berth, The Boston Globe reported that hotel reservations in the city for the coming weeks have skyrocketed and prices have reached upwards of $1,000 per night, but Boston-based FlipKey is here to let you know that vacation rentals make a great alternative to the outrageous rise in hotel reservation costs – and what’s better, we still have availability.

If you’re scrambling to find last minute stays in the city, consider reserving an apartment on Tremont Street in the South End for you and a couple of friends for as low as $263 a night and you’ll be an easy six minute cab ride to the Red Sox home plate at Fenway.

World Series Rental 1

Sharing vacation rentals with friends provides a great place to celebrate pre or post game, cut cost, and create a truly unique experience that everyone will remember. Many vacation rentals can accommodate up to six guests, a feature that most hotels lack. Renting on Newbury Street or Beacon Street starting at $215 a night will put you at a walkable distance from Fenway and better connect you with the heart of Red Sox Nation.

World Series Rental 2

If hotel luxury is where your interests lie, Boston has a number of high-end condominiums in the historic Back Bay area where you can share rental costs with your group without having to give up the flare and extravagance of an expensive hotel room. What’s more, a stay anywhere in the Back Bay will ensure that you’re never far from the action – or the post-game celebrations.

World Series Rental 3

There is truly nothing quite like the energy that consumes Boston before or after a big Red Sox game, so rather than staying in an overpriced hotel, consider integrating yourself with the team’s community by renting a Boston property and creating an entirely new experience for you and your friends. For more options check out the rest of our Boston Vacation Rentals.