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by: Kelly O’Reilly

Insta 2These days, it’s safe to say that a vacation doesn’t actually happen unless there’s some social media proof posted along the way—right? Whether it’s with Instagram shots of your toes in the sand, or a constant stream of Tweets to keep your friends back home updated on your adventures (or at the very least, a little jealous), travelers have an increasing desire to stay connected abroad. You can’t just power up post-Customs without connecting to a new network with new—and often hefty—roaming charges.

There are several options to keep the charges in check, and we’ve put together a quick guide to understanding international data, how different carriers set up their rates, and how you can get the most bang for your buck abroad.

Steps needed to take when traveling

While you have lots of options and a variety of potential limitations, getting yourself set up with international data can be simple if you take the proper steps before you leave.

Step #1: Check the network and bandwidth on the make, model and carrier on your phone against what’s available in your destination.