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Are you absolutely in love with New Year’s Eve? Do you proudly adorn yourself each year with sparkling hats and numbered sunglasses? Do you  stretch yourself to the limit year after year, traveling through the busy streets to get to the nearest fireworks display or working to create the best New Year’s Eve party that your friends have ever seen? If so, FlipKey may have your ultimate travel itinerary all planned out for 2014. While many individuals around the world designate January 1st as the dawn of the new year, some cultures abide by different calendars and thus celebrate the new year during different seasons. It is true that the Gregorian calendar that is followed in America is also the most widely recognized and utilized calendar in the world, but several other religious and astronomical calendars are referred to in other parts of the world, thereby designating a stream of holidays different from our own. While all of these calendars have a date designating the end of one year and the start of a new year, the way that this day is celebrated, and the season in which it appears, differs greatly for each. If you love New Year’s Eve and you’d like to learn about how it’s practiced in the rest of the world, check out this world-wide New Year’s Eve itinerary!

Super Bowl XLVIII seems to be stirring up breaking news and unfortunate controversy nearly every week. This week was no different either. Three new stories emerged that showed the opportunities, and the possible issues, that face the year’s biggest sporting event in the United States.

Story #1 – There will be no tailgating at the Super Bowl. Also, no black cars or taxis to the Super Bowl (aka no drop offs), if you have a car, it needs to be parked there the entire game.

Looking to break out of the (literal) box that is your run of the mill, square-walled vacation accommodation? In an attempt to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, but still help you find a comfy place to stay, our travel experts here at FlipKey have compiled a list of the top 10 most extraordinary and unusual vacation rentals on the market today. These sometimes bizarre yet always incredible homes are just too impressive not to share.

Some travelers and foodies prefer to enjoy finished products. The first bite or the first sip of a freshly made anything is appreciated and enjoyed. Others are more inquisitive, more curious as to how that amazing piece of food or art or any other inanimate object was created. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top ten factory tours for those who need to know the journey of how a product goes from concept to completion.


Golden Flake
Birmingham, Alabama and Ocala, Florida

Golden Flake may be a Southern brand, but their products have universal appeal, especially their classic potato chips. On their walking tour, you’ll see how they’re made, from humble spuds all the way to freshly crisped chips. Or, you might see the production of pork skins, tortilla chips, or cheese curls. The company has factory locations in both Birmingham, Alabama, and Ocala, Florida, which is near Orlando.