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Are you absolutely in love with New Year’s Eve? Do you proudly adorn yourself each year with sparkling hats and numbered sunglasses? Do you ¬†stretch yourself to the limit year after year, traveling through the busy streets to get to the nearest fireworks display or working to create the best New Year’s Eve party that your friends have ever seen? If so, FlipKey may have your ultimate travel itinerary all planned out for 2014. While many individuals around the world designate January 1st as the dawn of the new year, some cultures abide by different calendars and thus celebrate the new year during different seasons. It is true that the Gregorian calendar¬†that is followed in America is also the most widely recognized and utilized calendar in the world, but several other religious and astronomical calendars are referred to in other parts of the world, thereby designating a stream of holidays different from our own. While all of these calendars have a date designating the end of one year and the start of a new year, the way that this day is celebrated, and the season in which it appears, differs greatly for each. If you love New Year’s Eve and you’d like to learn about how it’s practiced in the rest of the world, check out this world-wide New Year’s Eve itinerary!