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Stats on some of the top bachelor party destinations.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The PG-Rated Positives: mild heat at night conducive to all night parties, gorgeous hotels for touring, an M&Ms store, sports books for laid back betting, relaxing pools for floating, delicious steak dinners (best steak rumored to be found at Prime in the Bellagio hotel), unforgettable shows (Cirque du Soleil is sure to please, but my ultimate recommendation is Jersey Boys)

Why It Might Ruin Your Wedding: Boy that description above sure sounded PEACHY didn’t it? Come on, the Las Vegas bachelor party isn’t as crazy as what was depicted in The Hangover, but it’s damn close. Yes, you should absolutely grab a cabana at a pool, but instead of the quiet Casesar’s Palace-type pool, go to the massive party happening every afternoon at Wet Republic in the MGM Grand. Instead of a lazy day at the sports book, hit up the casino floor and bet all the honeymoon money on double zero. No matter what happens at the blackjack table, tell your spouse you “broke even” and leave it at that. Hide your bank statements for a few months. Speaking of bank statements, do NOT (I can’t recommend this enough) use your credit card at the Spearmint Rhino, the #1 strip club in America. Cash only. A limo service will pick you and your group up at your hotel and bring you straight to the front door. What happens inside, stays inside. After hours, venture over to the Palms hotel, where there are many different night clubs (Ghost Bar, Moon Nightclub, and The Mint, to name a few) all of which are standing room only every night of the week. For those with lighter pockets, go visit Fremont Street which is where the strip was during the Rat Pack era. There the drinks and gambling are cheaper, but so are the women. Still, I’m dead serious, see Jersey Boys if you can. It’s amazing.

Serious Tip: save cash by getting bottle service for your group

Keep your head on a swivel for: strangers offering “party favors”, a 68-year-old waitress with emphysema named Dotty on Fremont Street

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