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The Florida Legislature is discussing changes concerning short term rentals you may want to be aware of. The proposed legislation, HB307 and SB356, could potentially have a significant impact on your rental operation and it is important you understand the implications of these changes being discussed:

To read the proposed legislation, please click these links:

An online resource for owners and managers in the short term rental industry has been formed to provide best practices and helpful information. To start a local chapter visit:

FlipKey does not have independent knowledge of these regulations or any proposed or actual changes to existing regulations. FlipKey encourages all managers and owners to understand and comply with the regulations governing short term rentals in their individual municipalities.

Thank you,
The FlipKey Team

Many travelers out there have a bucket list of destinations and are on a mission to get to as many as they can. While this is definitely one fool-proof way to see the world, other travelers prefer to visit the same places again and again, discovering new things about each destination with every visit. For those travelers, we’ve hand-picked a few cities and their specific points in the calendar year that deserve a second glance thanks to drastically different seasons or not-to-miss events. A visit to one of these cities at each time of interest will present you with what seems like an entirely new journey, but with the added comfort of some basic familiarity. Consider making double the travel plans for these incredible destinations!

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Though not as populous as Montreal, Quebec City is a destination that offers variety to travelers in more ways than one. The city is literally walled off into two sections, that of Old Quebec and the rest of city-proper, by the original ramparts that were constructed in 1759. The divide in the city is distinct and both parts offer a completely different vibe to your vacation. What’s more, visiting Québec City in the winter months provides a very different experience from a summertime visit, but both are equally valuable to discover. In early February,  normally the coldest point of the season, the Quebec Winter Carnival takes over with celebrations and amazing snow structures. Visits to the Ice Palace, elaborate snow sculpture contests, dog-sledding, and ice skating performances are just some of the memorable activities to take part in during the carnival. Be prepared for a visit like this with lots of layers for every exposed part of the body…you’ll need them!