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As a property manager, nothing knocks you down a peg and puts some sweat on your brow more than a supremely negative review left by a guest. How do you tell your owner? What if they see the review before you have a chance to tell them? What if, at worst, you lose their business? Here are a few ways to avoid a major issue and stop any dissatisfaction from the property owner before it begins:

Despite the tragic events last year (and in spite of those same events), the Boston Marathon is more popular than ever in 2014, and this is leading to a huge demand for rentals in Boston proper and the surrounding towns as hotel availability has been full for months. Loews Hotel in the Back Bay (right near the marathon finish line) has been full since November 2013. An estimate of 36,000 runners, along with their friends and family, are looking for affordable (and available) places to stay for the race, which is why they are turning to rentals in full force.

The table is set for dinner overlooking the water.

We take everything with us when we travel – our clothes, our money, and especially our appetites. Navigating meal time abroad (whether you’re in the kitchen at a luxurious FlipKey rental or out to eat at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant) can be a thrill at best and downright frightening at worst. We all need a little guidance on proper culinary etiquette and recommendations when traveling the globe to help us answer thousands of pressing questions like: What are the must-try dishes in Africa? How much should I be paying for authentic Asian cuisine? Will these red berries kill me if I eat them? So with that in mind we’ve compiled our list of the top 25 culinary travel bloggers to follow. These writers will wow you with their pictures, recipes, and advice for eating globally – most of them coming straight from the source.

Traveling alone can be both daunting and liberating. Without family drama, travel companions’ hangups, or even a set schedule, the possibilities might seem endless. Here’s a list of our top destinations for those who are traveling solo, and how to reign yourself in and have a meaningful trip that’s all about you.

Russian River, CA

Tip: Go exploring
Upon arrival, nothing beats a good walk, drive, or bike ride to help orient you to your new destination. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting spots that you might want to check out later, including restaurants, unusual attractions, or places where locals gather. The town of Healdsburg in the Russian River area of California has a great downtown full of interesting shops and restaurants. Pop in and ask the shopkeepers about their favorite wineries. Who knows—you might get yourself invited to a tasting in the surrounding Sonoma wine country!

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Travelers can get a price for their trip after they add their travel dates.

Important information for all you property owners out there! Booking requests now expire after 24 hours instead of 48. While this change may take a little getting used to, it will make the overall reservation experience better by expediting the process.

What’s a booking request?

When travelers visit your property page and they like what they see, they can use the “Book Now” button to make a reservation. They then enter their credit card information, which puts a hold on their credit card until you respond to the booking request or it expires. When a traveler uses the “Book Now” option and sends you a booking request, it means that they are ready to reserve and await confirmation from you!

Credit card holds are no joke.

Over time, we noticed that many travelers were confused or even annoyed by having their credit cards put on hold for as long as 48 hours while awaiting a response to a booking request. We want to make sure that your travelers are happy and ready to book your property, so by changing the standard response time for booking requests, your bookings are made faster, simpler, and with greater confidence. In fact, 70% of owners already respond to booking requests within 24 hours, so for many of you this change will go unnoticed. In addition to helping travelers, the faster you respond, the sooner your response rate goes up!


Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of fine art, or you just want to spend a day inside in an air conditioned building while learning something – there is definitely a museum for you. The weird, the wild, and the “wow!” can all be found in museums across the USA. This list includes some of the most sophisticated and high end museums in the country too. Many museums examine the local culture and help you understand the region or its people. Other museums make you say “I can not believe a place like this exists, but just you try and stop me from going to see what the heck they have in there.”

We’ve searched through every state to find the 50 most fascinating museums worth traveling for. The decisions were difficult, but the piles of visitor praise for these spots helped shape the list. Whether it houses a billion dollars worth of artifacts, or it features the world’s largest ball of yarn, we highly recommend visiting any entry on our list during your upcoming trip.

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Having a rough winter? Let FlipKey’s Winter Photo Contest cheer you up. Submit your most miserable, hilarious, or jealousy-inducing photo taken this season. Contest & voting run from March 17 – March 30 and there is $500 worth of prizes to be won. See below for full details and rules.


• One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $300 Amazon Gift Code

• Two Public Voting Winners will each receive a $100 Amazon Gift Code


• Like our Facebook page, then submit a photo via the FlipKey Winter Photo Contest tab to enter.

• Submit a photo via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #FlipKeyWinterPhotos (you will then be prompted to fill out the contest entry form)

* You may only enter 1 photo submission to the contest.


• The Grand Prize Winner will be decided by a vote from the FlipKey Marketing Team, will win a $300 Amazon gift code, and will be notified and emailed his or her prize after the contest closes.

• Two Facebook Voting Winners receiving a $100 Amazon gift code each. They will be emailed their prize after the contest ends.


• After submitting your photo, be sure to share your submission with all of your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, strangers – the more people you share your submission with, the more votes you can get. Voters can vote once every 24 hours, so use your entire network and keep the sharing going!

When you think St. Patrick’s Day, you normally think beer, parties, pubs, and kissing the Irish. In some places around the world, however, this day brings with it some special, hyper-original celebrations. If you’re looking to step into a new realm of custom on March 17th, check out the destinations below.

Name That Town

In New London, Wisconsin, members of the Shamrock Club of New Dublin dress up like sneaky little green leprechauns and change all of the signs in the town to read “New Dublin”. If you end up just passing through the town on March 17th, don’t get it confused.