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Travelers can get a price for their trip after they add their travel dates.

Important information for all you property owners out there! Booking requests now expire after 24 hours instead of 48. While this change may take a little getting used to, it will make the overall reservation experience better by expediting the process.

What’s a booking request?

When travelers visit your property page and they like what they see, they can use the “Book Now” button to make a reservation. They then enter their credit card information, which puts a hold on their credit card until you respond to the booking request or it expires. When a traveler uses the “Book Now” option and sends you a booking request, it means that they are ready to reserve and await confirmation from you!

Credit card holds are no joke.

Over time, we noticed that many travelers were confused or even annoyed by having their credit cards put on hold for as long as 48 hours while awaiting a response to a booking request. We want to make sure that your travelers are happy and ready to book your property, so by changing the standard response time for booking requests, your bookings are made faster, simpler, and with greater confidence. In fact, 70% of owners already respond to booking requests within 24 hours, so for many of you this change will go unnoticed. In addition to helping travelers, the faster you respond, the sooner your response rate goes up!