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A (Better Than) Decent Proposal: Romantic and Unique Destinations to Pop the Question

So you’re ready to propose. Once it’s done, no matter what you do, chances are that family and friends will ask you – repeatedly – to tell the story of how it all went down. Since you’ll undoubtedly be forced to share the story so frequently, you might as well make it one for the boo ks! Romance doesn’t always come easy to some, but having the perfect backdrop for your proposal can help do a lot of the work and add to your own charm. When thinking about your proposal plans, look to your partner’s character for the answer. Is your perfect match adventurous or relaxed? More inclined to enjoy this event in public or in private? Although the options are endless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you get creative with some prime places for a destination based proposal.

For the literary proposal:

The Montague Bookmill (Montague, Massachusetts)

In a world filled with reading tablets and digital literature, it can sometimes be hard to get back to the romance of the ink on the page. If your loved one is still a believer in the literary arts, a quaint and cozy bookstore proposal could be the perfect start to your new life together. Even as bookstores become more and more irrelevant in the modern age, The Montague Bookmill, located aside the Sawmill River in Massachusetts, still holds onto the romantic institution of books in bound pages and is going strong. Whisk your significant other away into a simpler world where he or she can enjoy searching through the bookshelves, totally unsuspecting of the question that you’re waiting to ask. If (and hopefully, when) your partner says “yes”, celebrate with a glass of wine or a pint of beer at The Lady Killigrew Cafe, which neighbors the bookstore.


For the fairy tale proposal:

Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens (Pine Mountain, Georgia)

We may not be able to tell you how to coach a butterfly to remain in your hand until the exact moment when you want to reveal that beautiful diamond ring, but planning your proposal at a butterfly garden will definitely increase your chances of making that happen. Just imagine how magical it could be to have an enchanting butterfly garden all to yourselves — a setting straight out of a fairy tale. The Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens has hundreds of different butterflies from over 50 different species for you and your loved one to discover in its expertly designed, glass-encased ecosystem providing the perfect conditions for butterfly keeping as well as romantic fairy tale moments!

For the all-natural proposal:

UC Davis Arboretum (Davis, California)

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors to get the romance flowing. While there are a plethora of options as far as outdoor proposal locations are concerned, the Arboretum at UC Davis makes the top of the list for its botanical variety and the sheer beauty of its many exhibits. The arboretum has 17 different garden collections to discover for a full day of peaceful strolling with your one and only. Plan your perfect moment at one of the quaint bridges crossing the stream or head to the Redwood Grove section for some treetop covered privacy. With surroundings this beautiful, it’ll be difficult for your partner to say no!


For the adventurous proposal:

Arethusa Falls (White Mountains, New Hampshire)

If you and your loved one are more on the adventurous side, a proposal on a mountain might better fit your style. Hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a great place to find adventure during any season. While this hike may rank “moderate” on the difficulty scale, the effort will be well worth the view. Conveniently stop for a break by the Arethusa Falls located in the Crawford Notch pass of the White Mountains region. These falls are supremely gorgeous and a sure sign that your adventurous spirit succeeded in bringing you to the very best spot. Your partner may be tired when you reach your destination, but the sore feet will soon be forgotten once you’re down on one knee.


For the historic proposal:

Capitol Building (Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia)

Is your perfect match an American history buff? If so, the beautiful capitol building of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia provides a great back drop to thrill any lover of the American Revolution. Step into another era and enjoy exploring the city with the help of paid actors who set the scene of 18th century Williamsburg. Maybe if you’re really clever, and if your loved one doesn’t mind a little public attention, you could set up your proposal plan in conjunction with one of the many historical recreations put on by the actors. Nothing says “romance” like recreating history with your partner in mind.


For the sweet proposal:

French Broad Chocolate Factory (Asheville, North Carolina)

There are few foods sexier than pure, rich chocolate. This aphrodisiac can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and is considered an absolute favorite for many foodies. If your future fiance is a chocolate fanatic, a chocolate factory tour followed by a surprise engagement treat could be a great, creative way to pop the question. French Broad Chocolate Factory offers super affordable and fun chocolate tours that take you through the entire process with some sweet rewards at the end in the Tasting Room. Caution: if you’re planning on pulling a “ring in the chocolate” stunt, make sure it’s not too well hidden…


For the wino’s proposal:

Plum Creek Cellars (Palisade, Colorado)

If taking a trip to an Italian vineyard for your proposal proves to be a little bit of a stretch, try an American vino adventure in Palisade, Colorado. Plum Creek Cellars has 65 acres of vines that provide an incredible backdrop for your wine lovers proposal. Plan on taking this trip in the late summer to early fall when the vines are ripe and lush to get the most out of the scenery. Take a tour of the vines and do a little tasting before finally taking the leap — not that you need the alcohol, but it could help with the nerves!


For the sacred proposal:

Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

Whether you frequent the church or not, there’s no denying the architectural beauty of Thorncrown Chapel. This church is unlike any other in that it is set atop the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and was designed by respected architect E. Fay Jones. This chapel was built entirely of natural materials, is enclosed by windows on all sides, and is visited daily for its structural beauty. Conveniently, this chapel also hosts beautiful weddings, so if you’re interested in marrying at a church, it could serve you as a romantic gesture to propose and marry at the same location!