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(World Cup) Escape from Rio: Top Portuguese Phrases to Know in an Emergency

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Everyone knows soccer fans are the most passionate in the entire world. Sometimes that passion spills over, especially when the stakes are at their highest. In just two weeks the biggest tournament on planet Earth, the World Cup, starts in earnest in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. If you’re in attendance, you may want to brush up on these phrases below, so if a massive soccer riot breaks out, you’ll know just enough to get out of there safely. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Cuidado!Be careful!
Atenção!Watch out!
Por favor ajude-mePlease help me
Houve um acidenteThere’s been an accident
Roubaram-me a carteiraMy wallet has been stolen
Pára ladrão!Stop thief!
Está bem?Are you OK?
Estou perdido/aI’m lost.
Pode parar aqui.You can stop here. (Taxi)
Onde e? o banheiro?Where is the bathroom?
Quanto custa?How much?
Chame um medico!Call a doctor!
Chame uma ambulância!Call an ambulance!
Chame a policia!Call the police!
Onde é o hospital mais próximo?Where’s the nearest hospital?
Voce? fala Ingles?Do you speak English?
Me DesculpaI’m sorry.
Com licença.Excuse me.
Obrigado/aThank you.


A few bonus phrases, roughly translated, for if things get REALLY out of hand…

Esse homem me mordeu.That man just bit me.
Seu time de futebol é terrível.Your soccer team is terrible.
Ajuda! Ele tem um tubo de chumbo!Help! He has a lead pipe!
Eu era uma vítima de uma debandada.I was a victim of a stampede.
Alguém deixou todos os animais de zoológico.Someone let all the animals out of the zoo.
Perdi um litro de sangue. Isso é muito?I’ve lost a liter of blood. Is that too much?
Onde é o aeroporto mais próximo?Where is the nearest airport?
Sua equipe é agora a minha equipa favorita também.Your team is now my favorite team too.

Best of luck!