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5 Vacation Rental Design Flaws Grandma Loves but Travelers Hate

Stepping into your vacation rental should not feel like you’re stepping into the 1970s, or worse. We all love our grandmas but there’s a reason we poke fun at her shag carpeting, endless refrigerator magnets and Home Shopping Network hoarding – because they are weird. Avoid these design faux pas listed below so your guests can enjoy a modern stay instead of a trip down memory lane.

Floral Patterns on Everything

derelict couch

Although you may treasure a certain bed sheet or pillow covered top to bottom in pale floral prints, which at one point in time used to be vibrant in color, your potential travelers are not experiencing a mutual feeling.

Why Floral Patterns are a Deal Breaker:  They can easily be misconstrued for being old and worn. Let’s be honest: everyone wants to climb into a crisp, clean bed at the end of the day. No one wants to wrap themselves up in vintage blankets that once were a part of your crib.

The Fix: Go for something that never goes out of style. Think solids in various arrays of color that make your vacation rental feel warm. If you wish to show off your style, try draping a throw covered in patterns over your couch or try placing a few patterned pillows on your chairs. Bottom line: go for something new and keep it simple.

Ditch the Clutter

Home Workshop With Craft Materials

Nothing puts a damper on a beautiful room like clutter. In a generation that values space, think of the amount of room you will uncover once you trash those extra magazines, put the shoes in the closet and remove some of the knick knacks.

Why Clutter is a Deal BreakerNo one wants to fish around the coffee table to find a place to put their coffee mug. When your guests are on vacation, they want to be able to put their feet up and relax. Too much clutter can bog your travelers down and stress them out.

The Fix: If you have a certain collection of records by your record player, keep ‘em! The best thing to do is create (or purchase!) a unique storage piece to properly stack them. Limit the amount of magazines flung about your coffee table to about two or three and toss the rest. A rule of thumb: If you are unable to see the cushion on the chair or you are unable to close the door of your closet, there are too many things strewn about!

Family Photos

Mustache Family Protraits With Scribbled Moustaches

We all love our families, some more than others. However, not everyone wants to see your life’s history hung up on every wall of your home (especially the portraits taken in black and white from 1940 staring you down as you try to fall asleep).

Why Family Photos are a Deal Breaker: Typically these family photos can be found in mismatched frames, in an array of sizes clustered altogether. They tend not to be anyone’s best photo and can ultimately make your guests feel slightly uncomfortable.

The Fix: Make your travelers feel excited about the town or city they are visiting by displaying pictures of the local area. If you are in New York City, think about the Empire State Building or Central Park. In Spain? How about a snapshot of Alhambra or the beautiful beaches of Ibiza? Add a homey, personal touch by taking your own snap shots! Just remember to avoid clutter and if you choose to go with the collage look, use the same size frames and hang them up in a grid fashion.

Plastic Coverings

Although they may be keeping your furniture clean, plastic coverings not only look tacky but can be quite dangerous.

Why Plastic Coverings are a Deal Breaker: As a property owner, the last thing you want is a fire hazard especially when people are constantly coming and going. Think about how close your plastic covered sofa is to the fireplace or how hot the light bulb of your lamp is going to get underneath all of that plastic. Not only are these coverings dangerous but they are not inviting to your guests. Basically they are telling your travelers not to sit or touch. If you truly believe you are preserving the cleanliness of your furniture, think about all of the sweaty legs and arms that are getting stuck to the plastic!

The Fix: Grab a pair of scissors and cut away!

Outdated Appliances

Old vintage television or tv

I am sure you have heard it before: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! I cannot stress how incorrect this statement is when it comes to home decorating.

Why Outdated Appliances are a Deal Breaker: Think about that boxy television set in the living room where each time you go to turn it on, you have to play with the antennas for a solid five minutes before sitting back down. Or how about the refrigerator in the kitchen which is supposed to freeze your ice cream but instead turns it into soup. As a property owner, you do not want to take your guests off of vacation and put them to work.

The Fix: Donate your old appliances to a local charity and spring for the new versions. Attempting to save a little money? Try selling your outdated appliance and using that money towards something more modern. That old boxy television set can easily transform into a sleek, flat screen that takes up much less space!