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Vacation Rental Do’s and Don’ts: Advice for Travelers

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Vacation rentals offer a different vacation experience. If you’ve never stayed in one, you’ll quickly learn that they are a new species compared to those hotels you’ve vacationed in before. Renting a vacation home comes with so many perks and additions, but it often pays to know what you’re getting into before you rent for the first time. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for the renter that may help you think about your strategy a bit more as you search for, book, and stay in your rental — complete with friendly gifs to encourage you to remember the steps!


DON’T: Assume that vacation rentals are only meant for large groups or families.

DO: Research your options to find the perfectly sized vacation rental for you. There are plenty of rentals out there fit for even the solo explorer!

We know how much you like your alone time…


DON’T: Get overwhelmed with the accommodation search process.

DO: Use filters to narrow the search around your rental needs, visit our trip ideas pages, and have fun with it!

There are so many great properties out there to see!


DON’T: Spend your entire vacation in the rental…no matter how great it is!

DO: Get out and visit your surroundings, be they busy and urban or quiet and forested.

There’s nothing better than returning to the comfort of your private rental after a day of adventuring.


DON’T: Mistreat your rental’s home-wares.

DO: Respect all of the items that the home comes with. Many guests before and after you use these things as well!

(i.e. Cups are for drinking out of, not for collecting snot and tears…)


DON’T: Show up unprepared for your vacation.

DO: Plan ahead by checking out what your rental includes – and what it doesn’t!

Though most do, some rentals don’t come with linens, wifi, or other things that you may consider essential. Assuming that every home works the same can sometimes land you in an unfortunate situation.


DON’T: Get too Evil Kenevil with your rental’s sporting amenities.

DO: Find out what kinds of toys your rental comes with and follow all of the necessary safety precautions or owner instructions.

Landing a rental with its own jet ski, trampoline, canoe, or four wheeler is awesome! Spending your vacation in the hospital is not.


DON’T: Overlook the owner or manager’s rental agreement.

DO: Take a look at the fine print and make sure you understand the terms of your rental before booking!


DON’T: Let the kids take the vacation out of your vacation rental.

DO: Make sure your rental is kid friendly before you book if you plan on bringing the little ones.

Maybe think twice about booking that home adorned with crystal trinkets on every coffee table…


DON’T: Disregard the reviews of previous renters.

DO: Research the property you’re thinking of renting by reading through reviews and owner responses.

A good property owner will respond to reviews respectfully and address the real issues.


DON’T: Forget to share your rental experience!

DO: Give credit where credit is due. Express your gratitude to the owner/manager for a great rental experience and write a review to share with others!

If you had problems with your rental, be sure to let the owner/manager know so that they can have an opportunity to make it right and improve the property.