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Top Universities Abroad Worth Traveling For


Studying abroad when enrolled in college in the US is extremely popular and fulfilling. Being able to receive education from a top university in an exotic location proves critical to one’s academic and personal growth. Secondary schools across the globe have much of the same hallowed history, fervent athletic support, and renowned research prowess as universities in the United States.

Outside of academic interests, these international schools feature jaw-dropping architecture, flawless grounds, and must-see attractions. Whether you are college-age and shopping around, or checking off boxes on your bucket list – consider stopping by our list of top international universities worth visiting on your next vacation:


University of Melbourne (Melbourne)
University of Sydney (Sydney)
University of New South Wales (Sydney)
RMIT University (Melbourne)
The University of Western Australia (Perth)


McGill University (Montreal)
University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Queen’s University (Ontario)
University of Toronto (Toronto)
Western University (Ontario)
University of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan)
University of Alberta (Edmonton)


Peking University (Beijing)
Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
Tsinghua University (Beijing)


Technische Universität München (TUM) (Munich)
University of Rostock (Rostock)


University College Cork (Cork)
Queen’s University Belfast (Belfast)
Trinity College (Dublin)


Delft University of Technology (Delft)

New Zealand

University of Canterbury (Christchurch)
University of Auckland (Auckland)
University of Otago (Dunedin)


National University of Singapore (Singapore)

South Africa

University of Cape Town (Cape Town)


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich)


London Business School (London)
King’s College London (London)
University of Nottingham (Nottingham)
University of Manchester (Manchester)
University of Oxford (Oxford)
University College London (London)
University of Surrey (Surrey)
University of Southhampton (Southampton)
University of Birmingham (Birmingham)
Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Royal Holloway University of London (London)
University of Exeter (Exeter)
University of Bath (Bath)

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