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Get Noticed: Signs of a Quality Listing

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You’ve decided to list your home on FlipKey—great! We want to make sure you get the most out of all of our site features, so we’ve provided tips on how to create a quality listing that drives bookings.

Showcase Your Home

You can capture travelers’ attention with a compelling headline. Avoid using vague adjectives and leave out listing criteria like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead, opt for descriptive terms unique to your home’s features.

Write your  property description so that travelers can scan it easily. Try breaking up your summary into chunks while painting a picture of what it’s like to stay in your home. Plus, here’s a tip: You can aid your listing’s performance in search engines if you use an original description that doesn’t appear on other listing sites.

Take the Perfect Shot

We see it again and again: photos play a big role in capturing traveler interest. It’s your first impression, so choose photos that are appealing and well-lit. A dark, pixelated image of a cluttered room will be overlooked in favor of ones in which a traveler can actually imagine themselves. For instance, if you’re photographing your dining room, set the table as though you’re hosting a dinner party for friends.

Set Competitive Rates

When setting your rental rates, check out what similar properties in your area are charging to make sure that your prices are competitive. Keep your pricing structure simple and easy to understand by providing nightly and weekly rates, categorized by season.

Here’s another tip: The default rate that you choose here fills the gaps between whatever you set for seasonal rates, so travelers will always get an accurate price when looking at your listing.

Establish Clear Policies

From damage protection to refunds, your policies help set travelers’ expectations prior to booking.  When you edit your listing, you can set explicit policies that ensure your protection, and define what you and your guests are responsible for throughout the booking.

Update Your Calendar

Finally, the most important piece of your listing is your rental calendar. It’s simple: an up-to-date calendar leads to more qualified inquiries and booking requests. You can manually add your booked dates, or sync it with an existing calendar by importing the data from websites like Google or other listing sites.

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