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10 Photography Travel Bloggers to Inspire You This Year


How do you prefer to ‘see’ the world? Do you like to taste your way through it, enjoying exotic dishes from far off locales. Do you like to listen to the drum beats and plucked strings of a nearby orchestra? Or do you, like the bloggers we’re choosing to highlight today, choose to experience our world through your eyes? Picking up shadows and light, diving into interesting subjects and capturing color palettes only seen through a lens – that’s what travel is to those who truly appreciate the art. We’ve compiled a list of travel photographers who are doing incredible work in the field. We highly recommend you follow this group on social media and their blogs, as you’ll learn plenty about photography and see parts of the world as you’ve never seen them before – through their skilled lenses.

Chase Guttman Photography

“Chase Guttman is an award-winning travel photographer, intrepid adventurer and world traveler. Guttman is a frequent contributor to the New York Daily News, the Huffington Post, Family Travel and Light Stalking and is a social media influencer with over over 60,000 engaged followers in his community. Instagram named Guttman an “emerging voice” and “rising star” on their platform and placed him on their prestigious Suggested Users list. Working closely with emerging technologies in the photography industry, Guttman is also the Chief of Photography for a cutting-edge drone research and development lab. Guttman has travelled to all 50 U.S. states and over 50 countries. His work has brought him ostrich riding, heli-hiking and shark cage diving. He’s eaten everything from whale blubber to a drink that features a severed human toe, while sleeping on swamp platforms and in ice hotels along the way.”

Geo Traveler’s Niche

“Nigerian-born Lola Akinmade Åkerström’s photography and travel writing are characterized by vibrancy and hope. Graduating with a Masters (MSc) degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland with a minor in Geography, she specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for 12+ years and her affinity for the geosciences and maps meant she was born to travel. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Travel + Leisure, Slate, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, National Geographic Channel, several in-flight magazines, New York Times online, amongst others.”

Aviators and a Camera

“Kirsten is a full time photographer. She also wears the hats of content creator, “influencer,” blogger and conference speaker. A penchant for experimentation with all kinds of digital technology has led to instructing at offices such as the AOL headquarters, the Apple Store UWS and at conferences like TBEX, TBU, TBE and Traverse. She spent a decade as a professional portrait and wedding photographer before turning her lens to travel.” 

Momentary Awe

“Catalin Marin is an award winning photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and an avid photo blogger. His unique perspective and eye for detail have allowed him to work with top tier clients across the region, focusing on architectural and interior photography as well as corporate portraits. Passionate about photography since his dad took him out for his first snaps at the age of 9, he has been internationally recognised and his images have been featured in several publications and websites such as BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Middle East, Time Out Magazine, Mondo*Arc, Emirates Open Skies Magazine, British Airways High Life Magazine, etc.”

My Life’s a Trip

“I am a West Coast based writer slash photographer who accidentally became a travel blogger. My work for mainstream publications such as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times as well as various online outlets and the alternative press kept me on the road at a steady clip. Because of that, I started writing about my travels for the Huffington Post and the Tablet Hotels’ Tablet Talk Blog. There is no doubt that I am addicted to travel and I have no intention of getting into recovery for it. The more I see, the more I want to see what else is out there. Although I have picked up degrees from some really awesome film schools, travel is still the best form of education I’ve ever received.”

Not Without My Passport

“My curiosity and wandering ways have swept me away to countless countries and profoundly enriched my life with wonderful textures, intriguing people and wisdom that can only be imparted by international exploration. When I travel, I’m always armed with multiple cameras (a DSLR, compact camera and my iPhone) to visually document my journeys, amass the memories that have become my personal gold mine and share them with others. I hope they provide a unique perspective and encourage you to seek new experiences or see the world in a new way.”

Ralph Velasco’s PhotoEnrichment

“The reason I started PhotoEnrichment Programs, Inc. was to share the amazing places and cultural experiences I’ve had with other, like-minded people. I also enjoy passing on my knowledge of travel and photography to enthusiastic and interested people from around the world. Joining a PEP trip will surely be an overall travel experience, not just a photo tour. I’ve become very good friends with so many of the wonderful people who join my trips, and you will too.”

Real Picture Blog

“Hi there, my name is Samantha. But most people call me Sam. I’m a 20-something traveler with a wandering bucket-list that never stops multiplying. I strongly believe that the best education you can get isn’t found in a classroom — it’s going wherever the wind takes you, and your experiences along the way. So please join me here for a visual diary of all my adventures. Cheers!”

Travel. Experience. Live.

“I’m a Belgian travel photographer, author and freelance writer who’s living in Vermont, USA. From multi-month adventures to short city breaks, I have tried several travel styles since I started wandering the globe in 2010. My three favorite ways of getting around are backpacking, cycle touring and road tripping. This website is where I share my experiences, useful tips and great pictures.”

Traveling Lens

“Travel is the glue that binds us to alternate narratives of our own lives. I grew up in a family that didn’t have the financial means to travel and so I traveled in my own mind to the parts of the world I would read about or come across in cinema. Traveling as an adult has started to become a never-ending way to stretch my mind’s interpretations of places far past their previous limitations. I am dedicated to the idea of exploring the rest of the world in the same way I have approached exploring, photographing, and writing about New York City. I relish the opportunity to bring along my online audience of 2.5 million fellow adventurers all over the world with me. I hope you enjoy coming along with me on my journeys.”