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30 Best Restaurants to Get a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Abroad

Is there anything better than sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings? If you do it right, you practically need a separate table just for the assortment of food. Perfectly-basted, golden turkey, mouthwatering stuffing, and creamy mashed potatoes are just some of the dishes that make this US holiday a favorite of many, and you shouldn’t have to miss this tasty meal when you’re traveling abroad. We’ve put together a list of the top places to get a traditional Thanksgiving meal outside of the United States, so you don’t have to feel homesick around the holidays.

A traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes.

A traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes.

The American Church in Paris

Where: Paris, France (see rentals)

For many, Thanksgiving is a holiday spent giving thanks with family and friends over a delicious meal. While you’re traveling, reserve a seat at The American Church in Paris to join other grateful travelers and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The American Church in Paris serves as a community center for many, and it offers two seatings on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a traditional turkey dinner. The price varies depending on your age and the seating you choose, but all the fixings are included. You’ll be seated ten to a table and can enjoy staples like turkey with gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

The Breakfast Club

Where: London, England (see rentals)

This family-run business prides itself on doing “a mean old all day food and drink offering,” and while it’s known for its brunches, The Breakfast Club serves a delicious annual Thanksgiving dinner. Stuff yourself with three courses that include spicy pumpkin soup, maple and pecan cornbread, and buttery turkey before imbibing at one of their nearby bars. The turkey dinner here will give American travelers something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The Breakfast Club has a number of locations, each with their own eclectic flair, scattered throughout London.

Bohemia Bagel

Where: Prague, Czech Republic (see rentals)

Don’t be fooled by this restaurant’s breakfast-oriented name. Bohemia Bagel was founded by an American entrepreneur, who hosts a feast on Thanksgiving Day for US travelers to enjoy a taste of home. On the menu, you’ll find dishes like sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, corn, cranberry sauce, and, of course, roast turkey. You’ll have your choice of a bit of everything, and extras of your favorites. Devour as much as you can, or bring your leftovers home since Thanksgiving dinner is just as good heated up the next day. Make your reservation in advance and save on the price of the meal.


Where: Vancouver, Canada (see rentals)

Given its close proximity to the US and the fact that Canada celebrates its own Thanksgiving holiday just a month earlier, it’s no surprise that YEW knows how to cook up a delicious turkey dinner. Because YEW is a premier seafood restaurant, its Thanksgiving meal has a number of seafood options, which can be added for a twist on the more traditional options. The meal here is three courses and diners can choose from dishes, including pumpkin soup, brown butter mashed potatoes, winter truffle gravy and lobster stuffing to accompany turkey breasts and leg confits.

Savoy Cabbage

Where: Cape Town, South Africa (see rentals)

Savoy Cabbage is a fine dining establishment and one of the oldest on Cape Town’s restaurant scene. Here, visitors can enjoy traditional Thanksgiving fixings prepared and presented in creative and visually inspired dishes. On the menu are items, such as roasted brined turkey crown and cranberry sausage, sage and onion stuffing. With several courses to savor, diners will surely not leave hungry. Savoy Cabbage has received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and its staff prides itself on providing customers with a superb dining experience.

Whole homemade Thanksgiving turkey with all the sides.

Whole homemade Thanksgiving turkey with all the sides.

MadMad Mad Bodega

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark (see rentals)

With American origins, the owners of MadMad Mad Bodega are all about connecting people over a delicious Thanksgiving meal this year. Join expats and break bread with those celebrating their first Thanksgiving here. Enjoy heaping plates of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more while listening to stories about Thanksgiving traditions and planet-friendly approaches to recipes for the holiday. MadMad Mad Bodega celebrates the day of gratitude with old-fashioned hand turkeys, delicious seasonal favorites, and lots of beer and wine.

Liquid Laundry

Where: Shanghai, China (see rentals)

Liquid Laundry is your quintessential New York-style gastro pub…but in Shanghai. With its industrial inspired design and retro accents, American travelers and homesick expats will feel at home celebrating Thanksgiving here. The turkey at Liquid Laundry is deep fried and sides like maple candied yams, green bean casserole and fried Brussels sprouts will keep your taste buds happy throughout all four courses of their Thanksgiving dinner. In case you want to change things up, there are other main courses to choose from, including blackened salmon and prime rib.

Misty’s Diner

Where: Melbourne, Australia (see rentals)

At Misty’s Diner for one day only, enjoy all you can eat of Thanksgiving favorites, like roast turkey, gravy, and sweet potatoes. Live entertainment is provided during the Thanksgiving meal, and after the meal, diners can show off their karaoke skills on stage. The restaurant offers visitors a typical American dining experience, and its atmosphere transports diners back in time with floor-to-ceiling, retro American décor. You can return to Misty’s Diner whenever you’re missing American-style fare as the owner is always adding new creations to the menu.

Les Deux Gamins

Where: Montreal, Canada (see rentals)

Les Deux Gamins takes a break from its Parisian-style cuisine each year to prepare a traditional American Thanksgiving meal for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. Carved turkey slices drenched in savory bourbon gravy and garlic butter green beans are some of the staples included on their prix fixe menu for the holiday. Enjoy people watching on the patio or cozy up by the fireplace during dinner at this unique restaurant.

Suji’s Deli and Restaurant

Where: Seoul, South Korea (see rentals)

Suji’s Deli and Restaurant’s menu is comprised of delicious American comfort foods, and their turkey dinner is no exception. The restaurant offers both a buffet option for visitors dining there as well as a whole turkey takeout dinner. Make a reservation four days in advance and then look forward to enjoying seconds and thirds of herbed turkey and savory stuffing at the restaurant. If you prefer elastic waist sweat pants for your Thanksgiving dinner, organize a group of your fellow travelers and enjoy an entire turkey to-go.

Blues BAR-B-Q

Where: Paris, France (see rentals)

Opened by a Texan, Blues BAR-B-Q is known for slow-cooked meats and true all-American barbecue fare. For Thanksgiving, they’ve added some items to the menu in order to satisfy the cravings of Americans in Paris. Hot turkey sandwiches are served here with classic Thanksgiving trimmings, and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without indulging in a slice of pumpkin pie at Blues BAR-B-Q. Reservations are not required, so you can drop in whenever you’re hungry on Thanksgiving evening.

Pumpkin pie sliced and ready to be eaten for dessert.

Pumpkin pie sliced and ready to be eaten for dessert.

Seasons Restaurant

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands (see rentals)

Whether you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal at lunchtime or later in the evening, Seasons Restaurant offers several seatings throughout the day. This restaurant incorporates fresh seasonal ingredients into its turkey dinner and has a number of different options to choose from for soups and starters. Although you might be miles away from America, you’ll feel at home feasting on a Thanksgiving dinner at Seasons Restaurant.


Where: Shanghai, China (see rentals)

Dine in at Bubba’s and enjoy a buffet of Thanksgiving staples like smoked turkey and cornbread stuffing, or get your turkey and a la carte sides to go, so you can feel at home celebrating the American holiday. Bubba’s strives to make visitors to Shanghai feel at home during the holidays, and will try to accommodate any special requests from homesick travelers as well. This restaurant is the first Texas-style barbecue joint in Shanghai and knows how to serve up authentic American cuisine.

Highlander Pub

Where: Rome, Italy (see rentals)

Let Highlander Pub host you for Thanksgiving Day. This restaurant is a great option for study abroad students looking for a touch of home. Their turkey dinner is buffet-style and all-you-can-eat, including your choice of drink. Time your meal right, so you can catch coverage of NFL Thanksgiving football games, or join in festivities like a karaoke session or beer pong tournament. Reservations are required for this popular annual affair.

Beaufield Mews

Where: Dublin, Ireland (see rentals)

The Beaufield Mews Restaurant provides travelers yearning to be stateside with a bit of home. Their Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey with all the trimmings, and Beaufield Mews makes dinner a real event. With All American quizzes and prizes to be won, you’ll forget you’re not sitting around your family’s dining room table for Thanksgiving.


Where: Madrid, Spain (see rentals)

Cornucopia offers visitors a unique experience as its dining rooms serve as both a welcoming environment to share a meal and a colorful art gallery. Surrounded by eclectic works of art and your fellow travelers, feast on sage and white wine roasted turkey, cranberry-pineapple compote and other traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes. Save room for pumpkin, apple and walnut bourbon pies, or have a second glass of a local wine. Cornucopia also offers a takeout option for Thanksgiving that includes all of the dishes on the menu.

Calistoga Restaurant

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland (see rentals)

Calistoga Restaurant hosts their annual wine fair and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the same night, so you won’t have time to be homesick. Start across the street sampling a variety of wines before heading to the restaurant for a special dinner. Tickets must be purchased in advance as menu items like Turkey, Chorizo & Chestnut Stew, Pumpkin & Corn Fritters and Dark Cholate & Pumpkin Seed Brownie attract American travelers as well as Edinburgh locals.


Where: London, England (see rentals)

This restaurant serves more than just authentic Italian food. On Thanksgiving Day, it cooks up American favorites like roast turkey with cornbread stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes and glazed carrots. Here, you can also satisfy your pumpkin cravings with savory, homemade pumpkin ravioli and sweet pumpkin bread and pie.

Midtown Grill

Where: Berlin, Germany (see rentals)

Midtown Grill honors the family-oriented American holiday with traditional Thanksgiving fare, including stuffed and roasted turkey on cranberry gravy. While the chef caters to Americans on Thanksgiving Day, Midtown Grill features a traditional turkey dinner on the menu from the middle of November through the end of December. Since you don’t have the benefit of days’ worth of leftovers when you eat out for Thanksgiving, you can return again and again to get your fix.

Globe Bistro

Where: Toronto, Canada (see rentals)

Make reservations for the entire family at Globe Bistro to celebrate Thanksgiving on vacation. The prix fixe menu caters to adults looking for an upscale twist on the traditional turkey dinner with options, such as roasted turkey with Pomme purée and red fife stuffing. For children, there will also be a less expensive, kid-friendly menu available on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day feast laid out on the table.

Thanksgiving Day feast laid out on the table.

Coast to Coast

Where: London, England (see rentals)

An American Restaurant & Bar in London, Coast to Coast has several different variations of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to choose from. Enjoy turkey with sides of roast potatoes, nutmeg kale, maple carrots and blueberry gravy, or top your turkey with bacon, cheese and BBQ brisket and eat it in the form of a sandwich. The unique menu and welcoming atmosphere here invite travelers to create a memories and start new Thanksgiving Day traditions.

Porky’s BBQ

Where: London, England (see rentals)

Thanksgiving goodness with a smoky barbecue twist can be found at Porky’s BBQ. Those who love southern home cooking will devour the smoked turkey, bourbon ham, collard greens, mash and gravy at this restaurant. The three course menu is available for one night only and reservations can be made for tables of ten or more.

Boxing Cat Brewery

Where: Shanghai, China (see rentals)

The Boxing Cat Brewery is no stranger to celebrating Thanksgiving as this restaurant prepares customary turkey dinners for both the American and Canadian Thanksgiving holidays. The meal is by reservation only and includes a heavenly buffet of classic holiday dishes and flowing microbrews, wines and soft drinks. Dinner is served during two different time slots and there are several Boxing Cat locations, so there’s no excuse to don comfy pants and feast.

Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Where: London, England (see rentals)

Order by the turkey slice or get a whole roasted bird to go from Bea’s of Bloomsbury. This London establishment will even deliver your Thanksgiving meal to your doorstep, so you can indulge from the comfort of your vacation home. Everything is a la carte to go, so you can double up on the buttery mashed potatoes or skip the cranberry orange sauce – it’s up to you. Thanksgiving meal options are available on both Thanksgiving Day and the day after.

Breakfast in America

Where: Paris, France (see rentals)

Owned and operated by a Connecticut native, Breakfast in America honors the Thanksgiving holiday with a special menu of turkey, gravy, stuff, and more each year. Served in their authentic diner-style restaurant, travelers missing home will feel at ease here. While Breakfast in America is most known for its stacks of pancakes and bottomless mugs of coffee, its Thanksgiving dinner is also a meal to be celebrated.

The Merry Ploughboy Pub

Where: Dublin, Ireland (see rentals)

The Merry Ploughboy Pub adds a seasonal twist to their customary dinner and show in honor of Thanksgiving. Choose typical options like turkey and gravy, or enjoy an Irish twist with options that include fillet of Irish Sea Trout and Guinness-braised Angus Beef. While you eat, enjoy entertaining and interactive performances of Irish music and Irish dancing.

Globe Bookstore & Café

Where: Prague, Czech Republic (see rentals)

A literary and culinary epicenter for expats, the Globe Bookstore & Café caters to Americans looking for a taste of home. The daily menu here is American-influenced and it’s no surprise that this establishment offers a mouthwatering turkey dinner to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Reservations are encouraged but not required to eat and give thanks at this trendy café. Drop in anytime from noon until close to satisfy your turkey cravings.

T.Y. Harbor

Where: Tokyo, Japan (see rentals)

T.Y. Harbor has both a lunch and dinner option to celebrate Thanksgiving. The lunch option is a bit lighter as it does not include soup or dessert, which is the best part of the meal for many. If you’ve been waiting all year for a slice of pumpkin pie, make a reservation for dinner and bring your appetite in the evening. Chow down on roast turkey breast with mushroom gravy and complementary sides.

The Blues Kitchen

Where: London, England (see rentals)

At The Blues Kitchen, Thanksgiving isn’t just a feast of turkey and all the trimmings. It’s a full blown party. This restaurant is a hot spot for BBQ, blues and rock and roll, and it puts on quite a show for the American holiday. Book a table to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, and then stay all night long for live music and a midnight special that encompasses rock n’ roll and vintage blues.

Southern Accent

Where: Toronto, Canada (see rentals)

Treat yourself to Turducken to celebrate Thanksgiving in an indulgent fashion. The deboned turkey, duck and chicken all rolled into one attracts visitors and locals alike. Southern Accent spends hours prepping its American-style meal to cater to travelers who can’t get home for the holidays. Make reservations in advance as this meal is served only as long as it lasts, which is typically just through the weekend.