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10 dynamic duo travel bloggers to follow this year

Father and son looking at city of Valetta, Malta during a family vacation.

If you’re looking to read about once-in-a-lifetime travels and learn from some of the most seasoned travel pairs then we highly suggest following our list of unique dynamic duos on social media and via their blogs.

What makes these pairs unique? They’re a nomadic mother-daughter duo committed to traveling the world; they’re sisters who balance international travel with full time office jobs; and, they’re a father and his young son exploring the world and learning along the way, among others. These duos share the good, the challenging, and the inspiring about their travels all over the world, and you’ll learn a thing or two about traveling with a partner just by reading their stories. Here’s a brief introduction to each:

The Borderless Project

We’re from two very different backgrounds (Henry from Peru, Megan from the USA), and so our travels and stories on the blog really reflect this unique fusion of perspectives in our travel stories. We like to maintain a balance between sharing these wanderlust-inspiring moments (photos, stories and videos), as well as share the types of honest travel tips that you can’t find in guidebooks- many that we learned the very hard, but very wonderful way!

Tales of Travelling Sisters

Our intention is to bring forward all the amazing things one would experience from travelling, be it adventures, exploring or savouring the delights of vegetarian cuisine around the world. Through the blog, TOTS also aims on inspiring all the girls to travel and enjoy what the world has to offer. #girlsexplore!

Simply Nomadic Life

Hi! We’re Veru & Petra, a mother-daughter travelling duo, travel writers, photographers, and nomads for the last three years. Having ventured to all continents except for Antarctica, we share our passion for different cultures and natural wonders of the world on our travel blog Simply Nomadic Life. Stop by for lots of useful travel tips, inspiration, photography and videos. Happy travels and see you on the road.

Saints on a Plane

Brought up with the love of travel instilled in them from a young age, the Saint sisters have been travelling far and wide for many years. Not only do they enjoy new and exotic cultures (especially Asia), but they also demonstrate that you don’t have to be a digital nomad to traverse the globe! With both sisters pinning down full-time jobs in Bristol, they fit in travels whenever they can and ensure to report back on their top tips, budget experiences, travel style and general adventures!


Vagabrothers is a travel show that’s all about balancing entertainment with education, about making the foreign feel familiar and the distant seem accessible. It’s aimed at what we call ‘the global generation’—young people who will work, travel and live around the world, no matter where they were born. We adjust our focus accordingly.

Jet-Set Brunettes

As a bi-coastal, mother-daughter duo, travel brings us closer together. In 2016, we’re focusing on a meetup in Colorado, some international travel and planning some inn-to-inn hiking trips. Should be fun!

Twins That Travel

Twins That Travel is a blog dedicated to honest travel blogging, charting the highs and lows of travel, across Europe and beyond. Written by identical twins, Claire and Laura, this is a site for those looking for a more authentic insight into the world of travel blogging, as well as hints and tips on hidden getaways, quirky rentals and peaceful retreats.

DUO Diaries

We are two Cornell University students who document our study abroad and internship travels, from South Korea, to Denmark and surrounding Europe, to New York City. Follow along to learn about the best places to eat and play across the globe!

The Travel Sisters

On our blog, The Travel Sisters, we share tales from our travels and tips on how to travel in more comfort for less money. Our travel style is budget to luxury and everything in between- basically, it just depends on the destination and the experience.


Our site is known for its honesty, humor, and for our sense of adventure. We share the fun, the good, and the rough sides of travel as well as expat life.