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10 Gadgets for Safe International Travel

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s nothing worse than having your grand adventure tainted by losing your possessions, getting lost, or discovering the vacation rental you booked treats security like an afterthought. Before you leave native soil, make sure you’re prepared for anything with these 10 safe travel gadgets that guarantee a safer, saner international journey.


Anti-theft Straps and Locks

Keep money and travel documents safe with a theft-proof strap that you wear around your neck and attach to your phone, wallet, or camera. Look for straps that are lightweight and slash-proof for the best protection. For larger items like a backpack or suitcase, use a larger anti-theft strap that lets you affix your luggage to a table, chair, or another large item to keep thieves from absconding with your goods.

Personal Alarms

Wearable technology makes it possible to carry a personal alarm with you no matter where you go. Alarms can be discreetly worn as watches, necklaces, or bracelets to add some flair to your outfit, but if wearables aren’t your thing, you can also attach alarms to your clothing, luggage, or keychain.

Portable Door Locks

There’s no need to shove furniture against the door when you bring along your very own portable door lock. These handy devices are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and are strong enough to keep bad guys out in the cold. Most are easy to set up and a breeze to remove in the event of an emergency.


Bright Lights

Make sure the lights never go out on your next adventure by packing a reliable, sturdy travel flashlight. Select a flashlight that is lightweight but still offers at least 150 lumens. You can further eliminate concerns about losing power if you use LED lights. They use less energy, which makes batteries last longer.

Beverage Safeguards

Bring along a purifying water bottle that uses filtration to extract pollutants and bacteria without using chemicals that leave a nasty taste in your mouth. If you’re hitting the town, bring detection strips that let you know if there’s evidence of drugs in your drink. All you have to do is dip your finger in the drink, place a drop on the strip, and wait to see if it changes color.


Mobile Chargers

No juice could mean no directions, no light, and no way to call for help if you need it. Keep your mobile device charged while you’re on the go with portable mobile chargers that are small, convenient, and easy to use — whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or a hike up the mountain. If you want to stay charged without cables or cords, try a wind-up phone charger that requires only a little elbow grease to keep your phone battery full.

Bluetooth Trackers

With Bluetooth-enabled luggage trackers you can keep constant tabs on your bags without having to lug them around with you. Keep track of everything from your keys to your garment bag with gadgets that attach to your valuables and let you follow their movements via an app on your smartphone. If you’re traveling with little ones you can even use a tracker to keep them out of trouble, too.

Travel Apps

Your phone may be the most handy travel assistant you’ve ever had. There are apps to help you get around, ones that can make communication easier, and others that can call for help no matter where you are. Whether you want to find your way back to your vacation rental, avoid a miscommunication, or keep track of your different itineraries, there’s definitely an app for that.

Anti-theft Bags and Wallets

Protect your personal information from being electronically swiped with a specially designed bag or wallet that blocks virtual pickpockets. Look for items that are labeled “electromagnetically opaque.” That will keep identity thieves from getting info from your credit cards, passport, or vacation rental key. Keep your bag or wallet from getting physically taken with concealed pouches or bags that you can wear across your body or attach to a pocket or belt loop with a strap.


Sneaky Hiding Spots

Hide your valuables in plain sight with clever gadgets designed to conceal money, credit cards, and keys. Buy sandals or laptop cases with secret compartments, use an old tennis ball, or go bold with fake sunblock bottles or a decoy pair of stained undies that no bad guy would dare rifle through.

Travel should be fun, enlightening, and exciting. Make sure your vacation memories are only good ones by being prepared for whatever you might encounter on your globe-trotting adventures.

For more information on staying safe while traveling, check out this helpful infographic with 30+ tips.

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