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Summer might be coming to an end, but Californians are excited because September equals wine, and lots of it. September is California Wine Month, celebrating wineries, vineyards, and growers of all types of vino.

California Wine Month was created to recognize how much the state of California benefits from the wine industry in terms of economy and lifestyle. California produces 90% of the wine in the United States and is the fourth-largest wine producer in the entire world.

There is plenty to do all month, according to VisitCalifornia.com:

“During this statewide celebration of the Golden State’s rich wine history, you can participate in events from picking and crushing grapes to VIP tours to tastings, concerts, and so much more.”

According to our Travel Insights, the two most popular locations to visit in the California Wine Country are both on the North Coast: Napa, with 26.4% of all travelers heading that way, and Sonoma, with 24.4%. Most travelers go for a romantic weekend getaway, with the most common party size being two and the most common reservation requests made for just one or two days.

Sunset Magazine describes the most-visited location, Napa Valley, as

“the best wine region in the New World. Period. Back when our neighbors to the west were taking the prune market by storm, Napa was uncorking our national appetite for fermented grape juice, giving it a seat at the table alongside the great wines of Europe.“

There are so many different types of California wine to choose from, including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah, and Zinfandel. Over 700 miles of winegrowing areas include more than 100 American Viticultural Regions full of different types of wine and people.

In Bon Appetit Magazine, renowned Napa chef, vintner, and TV host Michael Chiarello explains how to choose which winery to go to:

“Wine tasting shouldn’t be a crapshoot where you’re just stopping at every shop that you see. Prioritize the wineries you want to hit on your journey. Even if you’re a neophyte, if you’re going to wine tasting, there’s a good chance you’ve had wine before—start by researching a varietal you like, agnostic of brand. Then, when you get to the tasting room, let your preferences be known (‘Hi! I’m here for the pinot noir!’), and let the staff guide you from there.”

Wine is not just something you drink with dinner: it has a history, a culture, and it brings people together. So what are you waiting for? Grab that special someone and take a weekend adventure to the California Wine Region.

If you are worried about not knowing how to properly taste the wine, check out Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s article on How to Taste Wine.

Happy Travels!

Traveling as a family, particularly with young children, might seem to be a stress-inducing experience, but not according to the experts. In a recent survey, FlipKey raised this topic among dozens of seasoned family travel writers — veterans of traveling with kids in tow — to find out what they find to be the most stressful factors of traveling with kids. Surprisingly, we found that over 60% believe that traveling with children is not a stressful experience. Here, they share their expert tips and tricks on how to avoid what they rank as the most common concerns about family travel.

1. The price tag of the trip
For a lower-cost vacation, live like a local and stay in an apartment in a residential neighborhood for at least one week. You’ll have more space, your own affordable groceries, and fond memories of your “home” abroad. Often owners will throw in helpful extras like bicycles, boogie boards, or a crib, depending on your needs and where you’ll be. – Shelly Rivoli, Travels With Baby

2. Your child getting sick/hurt while on vacation
We make sure to bring along our baby monitor and sound machine. Even though our kids are 7 & 6 it gives me piece of mind to have the monitor handset by my side whether lounging on the hotel balcony or in the vacation home. It eases any fears of the kids waking up disoriented and opening the wrong door or helps us hear them if they wake up from a bad dream. – Tésa Nicolanti, 2 Wired 2 Tired

3. Coordinating eating arrangements, catering to picky eaters, allergies, etc.
Dining out can cause stress (either due to expense or entertaining kids during meals), so plan to dine in-room for breakfasts and lunches. This is easy to do with just a cooler: pack foods like bagels, cream cheese spreads, fruit, granola, and trail mix that can be eaten at either meal and on-the-go. – Amy Whitley, Pit Stops For Kids

4. Packing and transporting all of the gear
Take the hassle out of schlepping baby gear by renting what you need at your destination. – Shelly Rivoli, Travels With Baby

5. Kids crying, screaming, or fighting in public
Keep a positive attitude; if you’re calm, the kids will stay calm. Cut your itinerary in half so you don’t pressure the kids to do too much. – Kyle McCarthy, My Family Travels
And after all is said and done, just roll with the punches. Be sure to be flexible with your vacation plans – don’t be afraid to stay longer or leave sooner based on what’s happening on the road. – Mara Gorman, Mother of All Trips

6. Airports and flying
Buy a day pass to airline lounges, especially if you have a layover. There are snacks, TVs, WiFi, wine for mommy and some even have playrooms. – Elizabeth Thorp, Poshbrood
Since we travel internationally a lot, we try to make sure that the kids have plenty to do on the long flights and that we are prepared with lots of games, iPads, and snacks. – Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, Momaboard

7. Making sleeping arrangements
By renting an apartment, everyone can have separate bedrooms and living like locals is infinitely less stressful, more enjoyable and more affordable. – Bethaney Davies, Flashpacker Family

8. The length of travel and the age-old question: “Are we there yet?”
Prepare your kids in advance – let them know what to expect and what is expected of them. The same applies to letting them know what they can expect for length of travel. – Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel
Don’t forget to pack books, crayons, paper and devices. iPads, iPods and Smartphones can allow bored kids to play games, watch movies or listen to music. – Elizabeth Thorp, Poshbrood

9. Finding kid-friendly activities and entertainment at your destination
I don’t stress about what to do with kids – being in a new place and learning about the new culture is more important than them having something to do all day, every day. – Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, Momaboard
Involve the kids in the planning and choosing activities to ensure they are doing and seeing things that they find interesting. – Eileen Ogointz, Taking the Kids

10. Enjoying adults-only time
We always make sure our hotel room has a balcony. This way after the kids go to sleep we can relax on the balcony and chat without disturbing them. – Tésa Nicolanti, 2 Wired 2 Tired

For inspiration for your next family vacation, check out FlipKey’s Trip Ideas, showcasing our picks of the best destinations around the globe, https://www.flipkey.com/trip-ideas/family-travel/

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There’s something about America’s most beautiful waterfalls that makes them worth the chase, whether a road trip to a new destination or an overnight hike in one of country’s magnificent national parks. From stunning chutes of water jutting from tropical cliffs to gentle tumbles down the side of a glacier, here are 10 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the USA that should definitely make your bucket list.

At FlipKey, we’re here to help with the first step of any adventure: where to stay! FlipKey offers hundreds of thousands of rental properties around the world—particularly in these amazing waterfall destinations. Imagine coming home to your cozy cabin after a scenic day hike of the falls—lounging on the outdoor patio with a drink in hand, reflecting on the beauty you just witnessed. A vacation rental provides extra living space, a full kitchen, and amenities like laundry or even a hot tub. No matter which of these falls you want to explore, you’ll find the perfect home base right on Flipkey.

Waimoku Falls | Maui, Hawaii

Waimoku Falls in Haleakala National Park Kipahulu is more about the journey than the destination. The scenic 1.8-mile Pipiwai Trail leads you through towering bamboo forests and past series of waterfalls in a pristine tropical rain forest before dropping you near the base of the 400-foot tall Waimoku cascade. However, due to safety concerns, you have to keep a distance from the water. This trail is known for being well-maintained and not too difficult, with an intermediate incline slowly leading up to the falls.

Find a great place to stay in Maui!

McWay Falls | Big Sur, California

An 80-foot plummet straight into the Pacific Ocean, McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is a must while in the Big Sur area. Visit as a quick pit stop off Highway 1, taking the short and easy hike to the falls, or opt for one of the longer linked hiking trails for rewarding views of the California coast and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the USA.

Find a great place to stay in Big Sur!

Silver Falls State Park | Sublimity, Oregon

Quality and quantity collide at Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, Oregon, where the 7.2-mile long Trail of Ten Falls takes you past 10 amazing waterfalls in a row. The trail may be most famous for South Falls, a tall cascade whose unique position allows you to walk directly behind the waterfall for a look at the side less seen. Tack the trip onto your Portland itinerary by joining a guided day trip to Silver Falls from Portland.

Find a great place to stay near Sublimity!

Niagara Falls | New York

The king of America’s most beautiful waterfalls, visiting Niagara Falls is a surefire bucket-list experience. Three magnificent falls, two American and one Canadian, mark the point at which the Niagara River rumbles over the Niagara Escarpment. Reviewers claim that the scenic attraction is “Heaven on Earth…Everyone should visit the fall at least once in their lifetime. Words cannot describe the feeling or the euphoria of being there.”

Find a great place to stay in Niagara!

Wailua Falls | Lihue, Hawaii

Leave your boots behind for a trip to Wailua Falls, a frothy cascade just steps from a main road. You might recognize these famous waterfalls from their appearance in the opening credits of the hit TV show “Fantasy Island” or promotional materials for Kauai, as they are largely recognized as some of the most amazing waterfalls on the island. Though there aren’t any surrounding hiking trails, the falls’ beauty make them worth a quick pit stop. Or, make a day of it by visiting as part of a Hawaii movie tour or private Kauai sightseeing tour.

Find a great place to stay in Lihue!

Akaka Falls Park | Hilo, Hawaii

Take an easy half-mile hike down a paved trail to see Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls emerge from Hawaii’s lush tropical landscape. Walk past wild orchids and drooping banana trees en route to the falls, stopping to admire the sights from multiple viewing platforms along the way. A Big Island waterfall tour makes it easy to see Akaka Falls and other amazing waterfalls in a single day.

Find a great place to stay in Hilo!

Bridalveil Fall | Yosemite, California

From Ansel Adams to Instagram, Bridalveil Fall is one of the most iconic views in Yosemite National Park. This famous waterfall tumbles 620-feet down to the base, with enough water in the spring and early summertime to mist its visitors and a delicate yellow glow in the winter. Though the waterfall is not wheelchair accessible, it is only a 10-minute walk down a paved path from the main visitor parking lot. Visit as part of a larger trip to Yosemite from San Francisco or Los Angeles to make the most of your time in California.

Find a great place to stay near Yosemite!

Nugget Falls | Juneau, Alaska

Nugget Falls is all about location, with its position at the tail end of Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier helping it make the cut as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the USA. The falls are formed from a glacial creek and make their way into Mendenhall Lake over the course of a 2-tiered drop. Though accessible on there own via a graveled path, they are often visited as part of a Juneau shore excursion or Mendenhall Lake tour.

Find a great place to stay in Juneau!

Virginia Falls | Glacier National Park, Montana

Hike past three waterfalls in three miles on a trip to Virginia Falls in Glacier National Park. A moderate trail passes by Baring Falls and St. Mary Falls before culminating at Virginia Falls, widely considered one of the best waterfalls in all of Glacier National Park for its turquoise waters and crystal pools perfect for dipping your feet in.

Find a great place to stay near Glacier National Park!

Whitewater Falls | Sapphire, North Carolina

At 811-feet tall, Whitewater Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Eastern United States, with beauty to boot. The multi-tiered falls break over a series of jutting rocks, all clearly visible from two observation decks. Take a short hike down a paved walkway to the upper overlook, or head down the 154-step staircase to reach the lower observation area, considered by many to have better views.

Find a great place to stay in Sapphire!

Multnomah Falls | Bridal Veil, Oregon

A 20th-century stone bridge strung between two cliffs offers the best views of Multnomah Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Oregon. Stand on the bridge to admire views of the 542-foot tall upper tier and 69-foot tall lower tier from a single vantage point, providing a contrast that puts the falls’ sheer size into perspective. See the falls on their own, or combine with a trip to the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge. The falls make an ideal Portland day trip when combined with other Columbia River Gorge attractions.

Find a great place to stay in Bridal Veil!

Bushkill Falls | Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls is not just one waterfall, but a series of eight equally impressive cascades in Pennsylvania’s Poconos Mountains. Get up close to all eight falls as you hike down a network of trails ranging from easy to difficult, or admire views from the park’s miniature golf course or paddle boats as you cruise across Twin Lakes. The amicably nicknamed “Niagara of Pennsylvania” is open seasonally from March through November.

Find a great place to stay in Bushkill!

Union Falls | Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The little-known Union Falls is a gem of Yellowstone National Park—and getting there might feel like a treasure hunt. Those willing to make the 8-mile hike each way through rugged terrain will be rewarded with a view of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the USA, likely without another soul in sight. Plan to spend the night at one of the backcountry camping areas along the way or start out early and prepared for a full day of hiking.

Though the park is in Wyoming, it’s suggested that West Yellowstone, Montana, is the place to stay for best exploration.

Find a great place to stay in West Yellowstone!

Mesa Falls | Ashton, Idaho

A 115-foot cascade billows over the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption at Mesa Falls in Ashton, Idaho. The Lower Falls can be seen from a drive-up parking area with a lookout point, but the real show is at the Upper Falls, accessible by a short paved path from the visitors center. Mesa Falls is yet undiscovered by most area visitors, making for a more tranquil viewing experience.

Find a great place to stay near Ashton!

Calf Creek Falls | Escalante, Utah

Escape the desert heat on a hike to Calf Creek Falls, located in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Though there are an upper and lower portion of the falls, the lower is by far the favorite, with a relatively flat six-mile out-and-back hike, a taller cascade, and more scenic views along the way. Pack a picnic and swimsuit for a perfect summer day.

Find a great place to stay near Escalante!

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Are you looking for your next travel destination? With thousands of cities in the world, it can be hard to choose which is the right one for your trip. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 “Most Excellent” cities.

This ranking is based on the places that have the most TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipients (FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company). To get one, restaurants, experiences, and accommodations in that destination need to deliver great service and consistently achieve high reviews on our sites from travelers like you.

FlipKey can help you plan your trip to these great cities, with incredible rental properties available to book right on our site. From a beach house in Florida or Bali to a downtown loft in Amsterdam or Dublin, FlipKey has a perfect place to stay for all types of travelers and group sizes.

So without further ado, here they are—the “most excellent” cities in the world!

Key West, USA

Key West might be the lowest latitude of land in the United States, but it’s at the top of our list of most excellent cities in the world. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the sun is always shining, the locals are always smiling, and the people are always dining (on key lime pie).

Find a great place to stay in Key West!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the world’s most northernmost capital filled with day excursions and Northern Lights that will be sure to brighten up your experiences. Don’t forget to check out this destination’s geothermal springs and amazing spas.

Finda great place to stay in Reykjavik!

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh is known for fireworks, festivals and food, making it a great vacation spot. Take some time to visit its World Heritage Sites, museums and galleries.

Find a great place to stay in Edinburgh!

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a place of immense beauty and culture, perfect for getting lost and exploring through the alleyways of Medina filled with gardens, palaces, and mosques.

Find a great place to stay in Marrakech!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The colorful homes of Amsterdam surround the canals and bridges, creating a picturesque moment for a traveler’s vacation. Must-sees of Amsterdam include (but aren’t limited to), the Anne Frank House, I Amsterdam sign and the Van Gogh Museum.

Find a great place to stay in Amsterdam!

Dublin, Ireland

Hop off the plane in Dublin and grab yourself a pint of Guinness fresh from the iconic Guinness factory. If you get too full eating and drinking at some of Dublin’s famous pubs, be sure to check out the Dublin zoo or the Dublin Castle.

Find a great place to stay in Dublin!

Bali, Indonesia

The romantic city of Bali is like a fantasy come true. Soak up the sun while swimming in the bright blue water or walk along the fine white sand before heading on shore to explore the Sacred Monkey Forest or the many temples on this tropical island.

Find a great place to stay in Bali!

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is culturally and politically momentous. Many travelers come to pay their respects at the Plaszow Concentration Camp and the Oskar Schindler Factory. The modern city is also home to cafés, shops, pubs and a 10-acre Main Market Square.

Find a great place to stay in Krakow!

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scotland’s largest city is a popular spot for soaking in history, going on shopping trips or exploring its many free museums and galleries. The city also hosts some great musical events for a fun evening out.

Find a great place to stay in Glasgow!

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is the life of the party. Saunter down its famous Bourbon Street and historic French Quarter. Sample Creole cooking or even visit the city’s beautiful Garden District. And if the timing is right, you might even be able to visit during Mardi Gras, a party so big it’s world-famous.

Find a great place to stay in New Orleans!

Certificate of Excellence Methodology

Certificate of Excellence winners were selected using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the quality, quantity, and recency of user reviews, as well as the business’ tenure on the site. Recipients must maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months. A business must be listed for the full 12-month qualifying period between April 1 to March 31 to be considered. Recipients are announced only once a year in late May. FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company and part of TripAdvisor’s vacation rental business.

“Most Excellent” Methodology

“Most Excellent” cities and countries were calculated as a percentage of businesses listed on TripAdvisor that received a Certificate of Excellence recognition within that destination during the qualifying period. Cities must have had a minimum of 1,000 businesses (i.e., accommodations, restaurants, experiences) listed on TripAdvisor. FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company and part of TripAdvisor’s vacation rental business.

This post was originally published on the TripAdvisor blog. FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company.

Here are five tours you can book on TripAdvisor that will guide you deeper into some of the world’s most famous markets, for a delicious taste of the homegrown way of life. And if you’re planning a trip to one of these cities, consider staying in an apartment rental from FlipKey as your home base! You’ll no doubt make use of the full kitchen after visiting these world-class markets.

The vivid colors, the mouth-watering aromas, the sounds of good-natured bargaining…. In any corner of the world, a local food market is a multi-sensory snapshot of that region’s culture. Here are five tours and popular foodie attractions that are worth the trip.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Savor Seattle Food Tours

Just about every tourist who comes through Seattle stops to watch the fishmongers throwing their catch around. Few get to actually try their hand at throwing a fish, but that’s what you’ll get to do on Savor Seattle’s special-access tour of the Pike Place Market. You’ll arrive just as the market opens, before the crowds descend, and sample at least 17 delicacies from nine different vendors during the two-hour tour. Leave with a discount card that gives you 10-15% off at more than 40 of the city’s restaurants and attractions.

Find a great place to stay in Seattle!

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

The Tsukiji Market

Speaking of fish, Tokyo is home to the world’s largest seafood market, and this four-hour tour combines an exploration of Tsukiji’s inner workings (where tuna are auctioned off to restaurants and retailers from around the globe) with a sushi-making workshop led by a sushi master—capped off with lunch to taste your creations. You’ll return home knowing how to choose the freshest fish in your neighborhood grocery store.

Find a great place to stay in Tokyo!

Testaccio Market, Rome

Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio

Do you love Italian food? Enjoy bites of pastry, buffalo mozzarella, suppli (fried rice balls), pasta, wine, cheese, and gelato from Rome’s oldest gelateria during this four-hour walking tour of the historic Testaccio market and neighborhood. You’ll also see Rome’s only pyramid and the oft-overlooked Protestant Cemetery, where poet John Keats is buried.

Find a great place to stay in Rome!

Marché d’Aligre, Paris

The French Way – Paris Gourmet Market Tour

France’s capital is full of food markets, but the Marché d’Aligre, in the 12th Arrondissement’s Bastille district, is one of the most authentic and traditional. Book an apartment with a kitchen so that you can load up on produce and other gourmet ingredients during this three-hour market tour by The French Way, which includes food, wine, and olive oil tastings. The tour ends in an elevated garden built atop abandoned train tracks, a spot known to locals but few tourists.

Find a great place to stay in Paris!

San Juan Market, Mexico City

Mercato de San Juan

If Mexican food means little more than tacos to you, prepare to be surprised by the breadth and depth of the country’s culinary history during a food tour on Mexico City’s street food. Taste grasshoppers, edible flowers, organic coffee, and gourmet cheese at the San Juan Market, then head to the nearby Artisan Market to browse through handmade pottery, silver, leatherwork, and more from around the country. At both markets, your guide will lead you to the booths with the finest goods, where you can speak directly to the people who prepared the snacks or produced the crafts.

Find a great place to stay in Mexico City!

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From trendy surfing hotspots to quiet villages by the sea, choosing the best Oregon Coast vacation spot isn’t easy. But this beautiful region is begging to be explored, with activities and scenery galore. Find yourself hiking through old-growth forests in the morning, popping into shops and museums in the afternoon, and watching sunsets at the beach in the evening—all before coming home to your perfect vacation rental, with room to stretch out and relax, plus amenities like a full kitchen, laundry, private outdoor patio, BBQ grill, or even a pool or hot tub.

Best Oregon Coast Vacations: Where To Stay

When it comes to the best places to stay on the Oregon Coast, your destination is only half the battle. Your accommodation is equally as important. Curl up in a cozy beachfront cottage or find a home large enough to comfortably host the whole gang. Whatever you prefer, FlipKey has you covered. The 15 Oregon Coast destinations in our list have some of the highest-rated rental properties in the whole state, according thousands of traveler reviews who have stayed in them. The vacation rentals in these spots boast an average lifetime rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars—the cream of the crop—and the destinations themselves have plenty to do so you can make the most of every moment of your Oregon coast vacation.



This sleepy town near the California border was once the winter getaway for Lewis and Clarke. Brookings’ warm weather lasts year-round, but is best appreciated in the springtime, when the 33-acre Azalea Park bursts into bloom with colorful plants and flowers. Time your trip for the Azalea Festival and Parade, the Southern Oregon Kite Festival, or any weekend with nice weather for hikes through Harris Beach State Park, the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, or Thunder Rock Cove.

Find a great place to stay in Brookings

Gold Beach


The river meets the ocean at Gold Beach, one of the best places to vacation on the Oregon Coast. This cute town is located at the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and the Rogue River, where visitors can rent jet skis or grab a kayak and travel through brackish waters that lead to the ocean. Or stay on land to enjoy long walks along miles of empty beaches and old-growth forests, tossing  fishing line with the hopes of hooking salmon, cod, or a giant tuna. Be sure to snap a photo of the art-deco Rogue River Bridge, a local landmark that creates a scenic backdrop for your Oregon beach vacation. And when evening strikes, utilize the full kitchen in your rental to cook up a flavorful meal—maybe even the fish you catch earlier in the day!

Find a great place to stay in Gold Beach



Bandon is one of the best places to stay on the Oregon coast for photographers, with its unobstructed view of Oregon’s classic rocky coastline from Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint. Drive right up to the point, or choose to ride horseback or rent a bike for the climb. Bullard Beach State Park and the Coquille River Lighthouse also make for fun outings that showcase Bandon’s history. Many of the top-rated rentals here have outdoor patios with stellar water views, providing the ultimate tranquil retreat during your Oregon beach vacation.

Find a great place to stay in Bandon



Blink and you might miss Gearhart, a no-stoplight town on the Oregon Coast that washes your worries away. Spend lazy days playing golf at the Gearhart Golf Links or hitting the net at public tennis courts, then cool off with a dip in the Pacific before returning to your cozy vacation rental. A big selection of rentals—both waterfront homes or apartments in town—make this a top destination for an Oregon Coast vacation.

Find a great place to stay in Gearhart

Coos Bay


If you’re wondering where to stay on the Oregon Coast for a group vacation, consider Coos Bay. Everyone in your squad will find something that suits their fancy in this busy coastal town with quintessential Oregon character. Zoom across massive sand dunes at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, hike along coastal trails at Shore Acres State Park or Cape Arago State Park, visit museums with art and history exhibits, or take advantage of the variety of bars and restaurants in the biggest town on the Oregon coast. Look for vacation rentals that accommodate up to 14 people for a fun group getaway.

Find a great place to stay in Coos Bay

Arch Cape


Arch Cape is considered one of the best places to vacation on the Oregon Coast for surfers, located just minutes from the big waves at Oswald West State Park. Even if you don’t surf, this tranquil beach town makes a great Oregon Coast getaway, offering a quiet retreat and fun outdoor attractions like tide pools and hiking trails. Be sure to visit Hug Point State Recreation Site at low tide, when you can walk along the beach to a waterfall.

Find a great place to stay in Arch Cape

Cannon Beach

Though it’s only an 1.5-hour drive from Portland, Cannon Beach feels far removed from the city. Plenty of public access points make it easy to stroll down miles of quiet coastline punctuated by the iconic 235-foot tall Haystack Rock—a favorite background for photoshoots. Or, visit Oswald West State Park to hit the Oregon Coast Trail, which winds through redwood forests and past scenic vista points. If you need a break from the beach, visit one of the many art galleries, cafes, and small shops in town. Coaster Theatre is a favorite among families for entertaining plays and performances. Rentals ranging from quirky dog-friendly cottages to breathtaking beachfront homes easily make Cannon Beach one of the best vacations on the Oregon Coast, no matter what type of traveler you are.

Find a great place to stay in Cannon Beach

Port Orford


Port Orford is a beautiful seaside getaway with fun outdoor activities, historical attractions, and a quiet coastline, all easily accessed from Highway 101. The town’s friendly and funky character is on display throughout the downtown, which is studded with small markets and locally owned shops, but can also be appreciated through its attractions. Hiking trails around Port Oxford Heads State Park take you to scenic viewpoints over the Pacific Ocean, while a short drive takes you the historic Cape Blanco lighthouse. Get out on the water, too, with kayak rentals, kite boarding, and stand up paddle boarding all popular options at nearby Flora Lake.

Find a great place to stay in Port Orford



Your chance of finding a waterfront vacation rental double in Seaside, which borders both the Pacific Ocean and Garrison Lake. Visitors love taking a kayak out on the water, hiking through the Tillamook Head rainforest, and tucking into restaurants with plates of fresh seafood. An old beached shipwreck, Lewis and Clarke monument, and World War II bombing site add a touch of historic interest, while a busy events calendar make no two visits the same. Look out for big events like the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament or the New England Live Lobster Fest to get an extra dose of local character in this great Oregon Coast vacation spot.

Find a great place to stay in Seaside

Pacific City


Grab a fishing pole, beach cruiser, or paddle for a full day of activity in Pacific City, a busy town that visitors love for its size and variety. Though it still feels small-town, Pacific City is packed with things to do, from the trails at Bob Straub State Park to the beachfront dining at Pelican Pub and Brewery. The live music performances, boutique shopping, and good selection of art galleries might even make you forget that you’re vacationing by a great surf spot right on the beach.

Find a great place to stay in Pacific City

Rockaway Beach


Rockaway Beach is a sleepy Oregon Coast getaway perfect for a relaxing vacation. Cruise down miles of empty coast, stopping into quirky attractions like the International Police Museum, and then come home to your highly-rated vacation rental for a sunset drink on the porch or a movie night. If you want more action, drive a few minutes down the road to Cannon Beach to hang out at the trendy shops and restaurants there.

Find a great place to stay in Rockaway Beach



Seafood tastes extra fresh in Waldport, one of the best places to vacation on the Oregon Coast for fishing, crabbing, and clamming. Spend a perfect day swinging by the Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center to learn about Oregon history before packing a picnic to eat at Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site. Then, relax by the quiet shore and watch the sunset from a beachfront vacation rental from FlipKey.

Find a great place to stay in Waldport



At the mouth of the Siuslaw River (pictured: Siuslaw River Bridge) and just an hour from Eugene, Florence is a top Oregon beach vacation destination for a playful city-meets-sand getaway. Whether you rent a dune buggy for a day of ripping down the John Dellenback Dunes Trail or hit the moderately difficult Hobbit Trail for a short hike down to the beach, a Florence vacation offers lots of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Visitors are also smitten with the active sea lion colonies at the Sea Lion Caves and the picturesque Heceta Head Lighthouse—a necessary stop for any photographers.

Find a great place to stay in Florence



The city of Newport is a top Oregon Coast vacation for its huge variety of family-friendly activities, like the Oregon Coast Aquarium, historic Yaquina Bay Bridge, and two beautiful lighthouses. Plus, Newport is home to the popular Rogue River Brewing Company, a fun option for the grown-ups in your group. Unlike other great Oregon beach towns, Newport also boasts a large selection of museums, including the highly-rated Hatfield Marine Science Center, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and the Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center.

Find a great place to stay in Newport

Ranking Methodology, Best Places To Vacation On The Oregon Coast: We analyzed the lifetime average vacation rental review scores on TripAdvisor (FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company) for all Oregon destinations, identifying which spots were the best places to stay on the Oregon Coast according to reviewer rental scores. Cities and towns needed at least 15 bookable properties, 100 total reviews, and at least a 4.5 out of 5 average score.

Top-rated Southern cities for a vacation

With countless places to choose from in the region, we’re highlighting the best Southern vacation spots for renting a summer house. Travelers have spoken, and these destinations have the top-rated review scores for their rental accommodations on FlipKey.

Top-Rated Southern Vacations This Summer

Summer is a fabulous time to visit the South. Warm temperatures linger long into the evenings, allowing plenty of time for exploration, and the region’s cities buzz with activity. Not to mention, the area exudes Southern hospitality, making it a popular place to visit—any time of year.

Whether summer is just beginning or inching to a close, it’s never a bad time to plan that getaway down South! To help you choose your destination, we looked at the average vacation rental review scores for summer stays. The result? Nine of the best vacation spots down South receiving top praise from fellow FlipKey rental guests. From Tennessee to Texas, these Southern vacations (and their top attraction!) come highly recommended by travelers like you.

Consider booking a vacation home for your trip and you’ll be right in the middle of all the action. Not only do rentals provide an affordable home base during your stay, they let you experience the city like a local!

Ratings are based on the lifetime average vacation rental review score for that destination (for stays during summer months), according to reviewers on TripAdvisor. FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company. 

9. Decatur, Georgia

Retreat to Decatur, Georgia

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.50/5.00

“Lots of heart and soul went into preserving this very special home—if you appreciate craftsmanship and cool old houses, it is worth a visit for that alone!” – FlipKey Traveler

A trip to Decatur reveals what makes this destination so special: beautiful historic homes, a range of unique attractions, and a friendly, small-town atmosphere that is truly one-of-a-kind. At just six miles east of Atlanta, getting to this city—which offers a variety of attractions for foodies, fashionistas, fun-lovers and beyond—is a breeze. Grab a bite to eat on-the-go at Your Dekalb Farmers Market, take a walking tour of the area, or perch yourself on a park bench in Decatur Square. Described as “four square miles of hometown hippiness,” this vibrant city is a hot spot for Southern vacations that can’t be missed.

Our Top Activity Pick: Michael C. Carlos Museum

See all Decatur vacation rentals on FlipKey!

8. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Find your hideaway in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.56/5.00

“We spent the majority of our time on one of the two decks when we weren’t out hiking. We watched birds fly, the clouds float by, and the hang gliders soar. What a wonderful, relaxing place to enjoy!” – FlipKey Traveler

Nicknamed the Scenic City, Chattanooga lives up to that claim with soaring mountains, extraordinary rock formations, roaring waterfalls, and lots of outdoor activities that let you enjoy it all. Explore the mysterious caverns of Ruby Falls, hike Lookout Mountain for jaw-dropping views, or familiarize yourself with the area on a train ride through the countryside. For an even more memorable stay, rent a cabin amidst towering trees or a private vacation home just steps from the river and make Chattanooga your home, if only for a weekend getaway.

Our Top Activity Pick: Hunter Museum of American Art

See all Chattanooga vacation rentals on FlipKey!

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

Discover New Orleans, Louisiana.

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.60/5.00

“Perfect spot in the Marigny!! We could walk easily everywhere we wanted to go and experienced lots of great music and restaurants.” – FlipKey Traveler

Whether your plan is to soak up the local history or dance your way down Bourbon Street, New Orleans is no doubt one of the best vacation spots in the South. It’sa hub of activity from sunrise to sundown. Tour the Garden District—an elegant neighborhood full of Southern charm—where you’ll find pristine gardens and opulent, antebellum mansions. When you’re ready to party, head to Bourbon Street. You’ll find this carnival of sights and sounds in the historic French Quarter. Add to your New Orleans experience by booking a traditional, shotgun-style vacation home just blocks from your favorite attractions.

Our Top Activity Pick: New Orleans Museum of Art

See all New Orleans vacation rentals on FlipKey!

6. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.60/5.00

“Absolutely LOVED this home away from home!! We actually stayed in Friday night instead of going to downtown Nashville just because we loved the house so much!!” – FlipKey Traveler

If you’re looking for world-class music venues, hearty Southern fare, and the chance to spot celebrities both on the stage and in the street, then Nashville is the Southern vacation for you. Take a stroll along the Music City Walk of Fame, check out the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, or attend a show at the iconic Grand Ole Opry. At the end of a music-filled day, retreat to the quiet of your beautiful Victorian home rental in Germantown, Nashville’s oldest neighborhood.

Our Top Activity Pick: Adventure Science Center

See all Nashville vacation rentals on FlipKey!

5. Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, TX is a hot spot for Southern vacations.

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.63/5.00

“This was a great location right in the middle of everything in historic Fredericksburg. A wonderful place to stay with hosts that make you feel like friends.” – FlipKey Traveler

Southern charm will sweep you off your feet in Fredericksburg. It’s located deep in the heart of Texas and is known for its hospitality, rich history, and thriving German traditions. A visit during August lends itself to lazy afternoons watching the grape harvest at a vineyard and warm evenings strolling at the county fair. If you can’t squeeze a trip to Fredericksburg in this summer, don’t fret! With bluebonnets blooming in the spring and Oktoberfest celebrations during the fall, this city is one of the best Southern vacations to take, no matter what time of year it is.

Our Top Activity Pick: National Museum of the Pacific War

See all Fredericksburg vacation rentals on FlipKey!

4. Louisville, Kentucky

Rent a vacation home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.74/5.00

“All the comforts of home. This was much better than a hotel. It was great to have easy access to our events, then drive back into a quiet neighborhood (with deer) in the evenings.” – FlipKey Traveler

With the annual Kentucky Derby spectacle, tasty mint juleps, and a variety of exciting attractions, it’s no surprise that Louisville makes our list of top-rated Southern vacations. Follow the city-wide “Urban Bourbon Trail” to award-winning micro-distilleries, each with its own unique offering of the city’s signature spirit. If you’re a baseball fan, check out the Louisville Slugger Museum, a celebration of the sport’s legends. Choose an historic home within walking distance of downtown, and you’ll never want to leave Louisville!

Our Top Activity Pick: KMAC Museum

See all Louisville vacation rentals on FlipKey!

3. St. Petersburg, Florida

Hit the beach in St. Petersburg, FL.

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.84/5.00

“Paradise. This is the first time I ever stayed in a vacation rental—and I think I’ll never go back to hotels again. I felt the most not like a tourist on this vacation compared to others in the past.” – FlipKey Traveler

Known as the “Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg boasts an average of 361 days of sunny skies a year, making it a safe choice if you’re looking to spend your vacation days outdoors. Walk the waterfront for stunning views of Tampa Bay (and even a leaping dolphin or two!) or explore the century-old Sunken Gardens in the midst of this bustling city. One walk along the sugary-sand beaches, one dip in the crystal-clear waters, one stop at the Saturday Morning Market—that’s all it will take to fall in love with St. Petersburg.

Our Top Activity Pick: Great Explorations Children’s Museum

See all St. Petersburg vacation rentals on FlipKey!

2. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas Southern Vacations

Average Vacation Rental Rating: 4.85/5.00

“It was the most gorgeous scenic retreat I could’ve asked for. A beautiful hidden gem, just like Arkansas itself!” – FlipKey Traveler

Set among an array of naturally heated springs, Hot Springs bubbles with adventure. From hiking and biking to fishing and kayaking, this Southern city speaks to outdoor enthusiasts. Climb to the top of Hot Springs Mountain to take in the majestic views, discover the beauty of Lake Catherine State Park, or spend a relaxing day at the lake. Book a Hot Springs vacation rental as your base to make exploring even easier during your stay.

Our Top Activity Pick: A Narrow Escape

See all Hot Springs vacation rentals on FlipKey!

1. Greenville, South Carolina


Average Vacation Rental Rating: 5.00/5.00

“Cozy place, perfect for two. Perfect for peace and quiet and restful relaxation.” – FlipKey Traveler

When it comes to Southern charm, Greenville offers an unforgettable dose. From outdoor concerts to annual street festivals, the city hosts more than 300 events annually, guaranteeing a good time is had by all. Saunter around downtown Greenville—ranked among “America’s Ten Best” by Forbes magazine—taking in the sights and tasting a variety of palate-pleasing cuisines from the more than 600 restaurants in town. This charming destination gets FlipKey travelers’ vote as one of the best vacation spots in the South to rent a summer house. Book a vacation rental here and enjoy all the city has to offer with the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop.

Our Top Activity Pick: Roper Mountain Science Center

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If you’ve been daydreaming about your next vacation—and let’s face it, who hasn’t with winter outstaying its welcome—then we’re about to make your day. Our friends at TripAdvisor just announced the Travelers’ Choice Rentals; a list of the 30 best vacation homes in the world as chosen by the TripAdvisor community! (FlipKey is a TripAdvisor company).

The 30 homes are split into three categories—Affordable, Mid-Range, and High-End—with 10 properties in each. There’s remarkable variety within each category and across all the winning properties, from a villa with a breathtaking view over Lake Como to a cute and cosy Shepherd’s hut in the quaint UK countryside.

Here, we’ll showcase two of our favorite properties from each category. But, trust us—deciding which to include wasn’t easy. Fortunately, you can view the full list here on TripAdvisor.

And if you want to experience a stay at one of these incredible places yourself—they’re all bookable on FlipKey! Just click the links below. Here are the highlights we chose. Enjoy!


Villa La Ruga, Lake Como, Italy

The high-end category in this year’s round-up is a luxury traveler’s dream come true. It includes a sophisticated villa on the shores of Lake Como, the destination of choice for many a celebrity couple (including power duo George and Amal Clooney). Guests can enjoy incredible views from both the clifftop terrace and bedroom balconies.


“It’s an unforgettable spot down on the waterfront – I particularly encourage breakfast on the promenade! 100% recommend.”

See all Lake Como vacation homes on FlipKey!

Zante Palazzo Villa, Zakynthos, Greece

Another of our favorites from the high-end properties is this spectacular villa on the Greek island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands. Complete with a private heated swimming pool surrounded by a lush Mediterranean garden, it provides guests with all they could wish for on their dream vacation.


“By far the best villa I have ever stayed at! Great indoor interior, awesome outdoor and barbecue area, perfect location and a lot of space.”

View all rentals in the Ionian Islands!


Cambalala Lodge, Hazyview, South Africa

The mid-range category is no less impressive, with stand-out properties including a quaint Shepherd’s hut in the UK’s first National Park and a chalet called Cambalala—the Zulu word for “relax”—in South Africa’s famed Kruger Park Lodge resort.


“The staff were really friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this lodge to the people who wants to have an affordable and luxury holiday home.”

The Hoblet Cabin, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Another hit in the mid-range category is the charming “Hoblet”—an Ontario rental under 15 minutes’ drive to the brink of Niagara Falls. From the outside, it looks like a typical woodsy cabin. But step through the front door and you’ll discover a modern, spacious den perfect for a getaway.


“The moment you walk into The Hoblet, you get an immediate sense of pressure and stress being lifted off your shoulders as you take in the sights and sounds.”

See all FlipKey rentals near Niagara Falls!


Last, but not least, is the affordable category. Rentals often present travelers with incredible value for money, with more room and private amenities than a traditional hotel stay. And nowhere else is this more evident than in the brilliant budget homes featured in the 2018 Travelers’ Choice Rentals round-up.

Residences Le Beau Manguier, Mauritius, Africa

Among the winners is a condo on the tropical island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. With spa facilities onsite, access to a pool set in tropical gardens and just a couple minutes’ walk to the beach, it’s no surprise visitors rave about this one.


“The stay was even better because of the caring hosts who made sure I was comfortable. Was very lucky to stay here!”

Alfie’s Apartment, Island of Malta, Europe

From an island in the Indian Ocean to one in the Mediterranean, you’ll find another of the stand-out properties in this year’s affordable category in Malta. Alfie’s place is a rustic hideaway on a stepped street in the protected Medieval city of Birgu.


“If you want to soak up the history of Malta and meet the locals this is the place to be…We had a great holiday made even more enjoyable by our host.”


We’ve picked out just two properties from each category here…but there are more to discover! The rest of the winners await over in our property gallery. So, what are you waiting for? Browse all of this year’s winners and see what the world’s largest (and wisest!) community of travelers has to say about them.

View the full list of Travelers’ Choice winners here

Please note: Average nightly rates of properties are based on TripAdvisor Rentals pricing data between April 2017 and April 2018


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You’ll discover not only the best vacation rentals, but the best attractions, the best restaurants, and the best things to do.

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