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A Unique and Exclusive Night in the Sky Thanks to TripAdvisor Rentals

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By: Ruben Lopez-Diaz, TripAdvisor Rentals Communications Team

More than a thousand miles, ten hours of travel, and finally, the Thames was seen beneath their feet from one of London’s most iconic attractions: the Coca-Cola London Eye. Beatriz and Mark, mother and son, are the first people to sleep in one of the cabins of the famous Ferris wheel thanks to the contest organized by our sister company, TripAdvisor Rentals.

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“I have not slept because of my nerves!” Beatriz tells me on May 16, one day before they climb to the top of the Coca-Cola London Eye for their once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since the announcement of the winner in late March, we’ve maintained regular communication to organize all the preparations, so when I meet Beatriz and Mark at the Barcelona Sants station to go to the airport together, it is as if I already know them.

As we travel by plane to London, Wayfair completes all the details of the exuberant room located in a capsule of the Ferris wheel, where Beatriz and Mark will spend the night. I show them pictures of where they are staying and their faces are a mixture of illusion and curiosity.


We land in London, and Beatrice still can’t believe what’s happening. “Who wins a prize like this? You think this kind of thing never happens,” she says. It is the first time she and Mark have ever visited London. We take a train to Victoria and their impressions of the countryside seen through the window are positive: “The houses are like a fairy tale and the atmosphere is super cool.”

On the way to the Coca-Cola London Eye, the winners watch the rainy, humid city go by. London’s famous climate does not disappoint. “Look, there is your house!” I say, glimpsing the Ferris wheel in the distance. They gaze at the location, right next to the majestic Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. They finally begin to understand their luck.

David Parry/PA Wire

The apartment recreated in the Ferris wheel has been designed by Wayfair , one of the largest online retailers for the home. Wayfair has transformed the cabin into a spectacular luxury penthouse, pairing natural elements with an urban touch. Lush vegetation, decorative lights, and tropical decor complement an elegant luxury bed in a chic setting.

Beatriz and Mark go up in the capsule for the first time and roam the space. “The bed is very comfortable!”, they say.

After dinner, we let them rest in their beautiful apartment for the evening. The staff of the Coca-Cola London Eye raises them to the top, where no one had ever spent a night … until now!

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“We have been very excited, we are privileged. Waking up this morning was very beautiful, so we took photos during the last lap of the Eye. We are very happy, we liked the experience a lot, it has been a blast,” says Beatriz.

In addition to staying at the Coca-Cola London Eye, the award includes three additional nights in a TripAdvisor apartment. “The house is beautiful, almost scared to touch anything,” Beatriz said when she first saw it.

Beatriz and Mark do not stop touring for the rest of the day, making the most of their time. They visit Camden, the Bridge and the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, among other London attractions.

At the end of the adventure, it’s difficult to decide what they liked the most. “We loved everything, I would stay here again,” she says.