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Matt Moretti is the Senior Content & Media Analyst at FlipKey. Matt's favorite form of travel is via cruise ship. He also loves romantic comedies, Major League Baseball, and dogs wearing sweaters.

Super Bowl XLVIII seems to be stirring up breaking news and unfortunate controversy nearly every week. This week was no different either. Three new stories emerged that showed the opportunities, and the possible issues, that face the year’s biggest sporting event in the United States.

Story #1 – There will be no tailgating at the Super Bowl. Also, no black cars or taxis to the Super Bowl (aka no drop offs), if you have a car, it needs to be parked there the entire game.

The second installment of The Hunger Games franchise entitled “Catching Fire” premiered November 22 in theaters across the US. This extremely popular book series has captured the hearts and minds of all ages, and has bled into popular culture at all turns. It also launched the careers of both Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.

The country of Panem (where the story is set) is split up into 12 districts, each with its own exports, and each existing to serve the needs of the wealthy Capitol. The districts are in chronological order starting with District 1, which is the wealthiest and closest to the Capitol. District 12 is farthest away and exists in abject poverty. After the First Rebellion, it is rumored that District 13 was bombed and completely destroyed. As a further penalty for rebelling, the “Hunger Games” were created, but that’s another story for another day.

puget sound wine

When we think of wine, often times we imagine exotic, European locations where dew drips off a perfectly ripe grape and old women stamp with their bare feet to squeeze out the juices. While that may be true (and a nice Hollywood stereotype), there are still many beautiful regions for wine production right here in the United States. Today we are featuring one of the regions that made our list of Top Wine Travel Destinations, the Puget Sound in northwestern Washington state.