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Dear Guest,
With a “mainly single spirit”… the last 6 years I’m living with my partner Albert in Manresa, 50...

Dear Guest,
With a “mainly single spirit”… the last 6 years I’m living with my partner Albert in Manresa, 50 km far away from Barcelona.
As my partner and my family are important for me… My flat“Sagrada Familia” (which I always called it “Sagrada Familia”) and my vegetable garden are two of the greats things in my life because they reflects my whole personality… classic for many people, unconventional for the most of them….
When traveling, I like integrates myself into the city as one more citizen… because I traveled a lot for work, almost anything as a tourist. The few times I travelled as a tourist… I like to lose myself in the streets just looking building and walking around.
I think I do my best, welcoming guests… and teaching students as I do from 2013 in my “discrete current job” in Manresa… Receptionist at the Restaurant International School in Manresa (website: hidden)
From I was a child ... when a new girl started at the school, I really like to welcome them, shown the school, explain, integrate them at the school before they have their own friends…
I have always shared my flat, I have done my best in order my roommates felt really comfortable, I required respect, “well done” and “well being” to the others. I think, sometimes I get it, sometimes they left, but the most of them had longer stays.
I hope I will have plenty of good experiences welcoming guests at home too…
Now, my flat begins a new stage, we have refurbished part of the flat…respecting the original design… so restoring the original floor among other things.... I we are so so happy!!
My partner Albert, has one of the few Modernist cement tiles manufacture we have in Cataluña. In case you could be interested on visit it, please, let us know, we will try do our best to get it. (website: hidden)
I like the flat news’s times… I'll be able to go home… I'll be able to enjoy his light and his charisma… and I will be able to share it with my guests…
So…. we are lucky to have nice times at home… Lucky “Sagrada Familia” Barcelona.

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