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It happens more times than we can count. Guests who got engaged at the Inn want to return years later—only this time they want to brin...

It happens more times than we can count. Guests who got engaged at the Inn want to return years later—only this time they want to bring three kids, the grandparents, and a nanny. Or a weekender unwinding from her stressful job realizes that the Hamptons would the ideal place for a team-building company retreat. Or a couple whose first romantic getaway was at the Inn want to hold their wedding here. Even more often than that, our return guests ask, “You know all the best places in the Hamptons. Can’t you find a house for us to rent out here?”

Admit it, you’ve thought about it too—how nice it would be to have a home in the Hamptons. On the other hand, you don’t want to deal with stocking the fridge. Or washing your houseguests’ sheets. Or arranging for pool maintenance. Well, have we got a solution for you!

We opened the Graybarn Cottage in order to meet the needs of our guests who love the Inn but need more space or just more privacy. It’s the ultimate luxury rental house in the Estate Section of East Hampton Village. But it also comes with the full boutique hotel services our guests have come to know and love. This means Chef Carolyn’s breakfast delivered every morning, twice daily housekeeping, the kitchen and both wet bars stocked with handmade treats. The library is stocked with DVDs, books and games (poker anybody? There are two poker tables!). And although the home is a short walk to Main Beach we can also arrange parking passes if you’d rather drive (though some of you may prefer to while away your day in the 40-foot heated gunite pool instead)…

The Graybarn consists of a three-bedroom main house with a loft, a one-bedroom carriage house, and grounds with a pool, deck, outdoor shower and gardens all sheltered by hedgerows. There’s room for the family, your friends, and everyone’s dogs. And although you might not all fit in the hot tub at once, there’s plenty of space to relax around the pool, in the private gardens, or on the deck while the barbeque heats up. You unwind, we’ll clean up for you. We can also arrange for someone to do the shopping and cooking for you (or just the prep and let you show off your culinary skills!). And if you’re having a wedding, meeting, or special occasion, we’ll help with the party planning. Not that you need an excuse for a party. Here, in the Hamptons home of your dreams, every day is a celebration.

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The Graybarn Cottage in the Heart of East Hampton

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