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Hello, we are Joe & Wendy Ulferts and we live with our twin daughters McKenna & McKayla in Willmar, Minnesota. Wendy works in hospi...

Hello, we are Joe & Wendy Ulferts and we live with our twin daughters McKenna & McKayla in Willmar, Minnesota. Wendy works in hospital administration while Joe has worked at a community bank for over 20 years. Our family enjoys many activities together including biking, hiking, water & snow skiing, swimming, triathlons, snowmobiling and anything else that involves being outdoors. Cozumel offers so many opportunities for an active lifestyle, which is one of the many reasons we fell in love with this amazing island paradise!

If you have ever experienced a frigid Minnesota winter you can understand why we love spending time on the warm, beautiful island of Cozumel. We know all about lakes and water in Minnesota, but there is nothing on this earth that compares to the amazingly beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean. From the moment you plunge into the sea it enfolds you, and the stress of life melts away. You become quickly hooked on this new experience, filled with vibrant colors, delicious food, and friendly culture. Our visits here spanned a little over 10 years when we decided this was a place where we would some day live for more than just the timeframe allowed by a vacation. So we began to dream and imagine how we could build a home in Cozumel.

Wendy's parents, Truett & Jill Lawson, owned and operated a very successful Bed and Breakfast in Stillwater Minnesota, acquiring vast knowledge of what travelers and vacationers are looking for. Cozumel is a place they fell in love with immediately and they have owned another condo at MiraMar for 7 years. We had visited other condos on the island, but MiraMar has always been our favorite, so we decided to purchase this condo together with Truett & Jill. The size of the building gives it a very private feel that the large buildings simply can not match. We come to Cozumel to relax, not to battle for pool space or wait in an elevator. In MiraMar you are ON the ocean, not within "walking distance" of the ocean. This is where we wanted to be. There was a unit in the building that was owned by a Mexican owner that was never finished. We loved the idea of building our home exactly how we would want it for ourselves and for our friends and guests. So we pursued the owner and soon found ourselves signing a purchase agreement with sale completed in November 2014. We had contacts with some the most skilled craftsmen on the island, and we proceeded to finish the condo to the highest standards possible, with Wendy's parents there to oversee the project, ensuring it was completed to our expectations. We were fortunate to have developed a relationship with a regional Mexican artist whose work has been featured at the Museum and other prominent galleries. We purchased two of her original works and commissioned her to paint 5 arches that span the grand hallway of the condo. You can probably sense that we are proud and thrilled with the outcome. We hope you will share in this excitement by being a guest in our new home. We want to welcome you to amazing Cozumel!!

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