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I am a native of Sevier County, and have been blessed to have family in the motel business. Growing up here and having family in the busine...

I am a native of Sevier County, and have been blessed to have family in the motel business. Growing up here and having family in the business you go to work early in life, and I am truly thankful it is an experience that could not be bought.
I had a great Aunt that owned a motel in Townsend TN and any time you were there you had to work before you played ( My jobs, pull laundry, mow, clean pool, she did laundry into her 90’s) benefits I learned to dive in that pool, and to swim in the river that run behind the motel. I can remember my cousins and I would look forward to guest coming to stay they were like family they came every year, and sometimes brought friends or family that we hadn’t yet met. Some had cool names like Smiling Eddie, I remember one year he drove a new red Bonneville convertible it was way cool to a 10 year old boy. That motel passed from my great aunt to her daughter, and then her granddaughter who still owns and operates it.
My mother a single mom worked for cousins in Pigeon Forge who also owned a motel and car lot (My jobs, pull laundry, mow, clean pool, and wash cars), benefits I learned to drive a stick shift and met lots of great people. I remember my cousin hired a new maid and one day she ran to my cousin and told her I was driving the cars around on the lot, she ask her how else was I supposed to wash them? One more tale on me my cousin brought a new snapper riding mower and he was so proud of it. I do not remember exactly how long we had it, but we had used it a couple of times, (do you remember how you used to put gas into any kind of jug you could find) well I do we used soap jugs from the car lot. One day while mowing I ran out of gas so I went to the car lot and got a jug of gas filled the mower and finished mowing. The next week my cousin was going to mow some and couldn’t get the mower started, so he loaded it up and took it to the dealer and they had it about a week and the call came it was ready. Oh what was wrong with it, it was poured full of soap. (They were both red!)
I meet most of our guest who stay with us, not because you have to come to an office and wait in line, you go straight to your cabin. I am just around in case, I enjoy meeting friends I have not yet met. This is our first year in cabin rentals and we have made many new friends, and look forward to meeting you the first time and many times after. My jobs pull laundry, mow, and clean Hot Tubs, my family always believed in hands on management.
My goal is that when you visit you will find just what we told you to expect or better, a place you will want to come back to and bring other family and friends that we haven’t yet met. There is enough trouble in everyday life so when you come to us for your vacation I want it right and if you have a problem I will do everything I can to make it right.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

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