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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Tim and myself. Both, Tim and I love to travel and enjoy new experiences surrounded by gre...

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Tim and myself. Both, Tim and I love to travel and enjoy new experiences surrounded by great food and great people. We’re also very interested in real estate, interior design and architecture of all kinds. We spend most of our time in Los Angeles, where we have lived in the same home now for 22+ years. Tim owns a Visual Effects Facility here in Los Angeles and has worked in film/television for over 29 years. I happen to sell residential and commercial real estate with a large firm on the Sunset Strip and have celebrated a career span of over 30 years.

Being that Tim and I like to travel and host; merging our hobbies into a business model seemed like the perfect way to expand our passions and grow our interests. In late 2005, we took a last-minute trip to Buenos Aires and fell in love with the city and all its’ European charms. We liked it so much, by early 2006, we had found ourselves in our first foreign property purchase and began our 1st short term vacation rental business. We’ve now been successfully renting out our home for 10+ years and loving it. It’s a Pre-War French Decco Building with a modern interior. We feel fortunate to have this great piece of property and the ability to travel to Argentina at least 2 times a year. We’ve named it “French Decco Modernist”.

In 2010 we entered the Palm Springs market with a condo purchase in a South Palm Springs area called Smoke Tree Ranch. This Mid Century gem was quite special. We immediately entered the short term housing market and rented to Mid Century Lovers interested in common interest living. In 2014 we sold our condo for a Mid Century Ranch home located in South Palm Springs. Our Little neighborhood is called Tahquitz River Estates. Built by famed Architect Paul Trousdale, this home and many others in the area have renown architectural details that really spoke to us. Some of the details we fell in love with are the brick wall interiors, walls of glass, large outdoor porch and; of course, the signature single story ranch style. The architectural clean lines and more centralized South Pam Springs location was no brainer for us. We use our Palm Springs home quite often and have stocked/staged it as though, we are there full time. We’ve named this home “M.C.M circa 1948”.

Our newest addition to the short term vacation rental pool is our “East Village Pied-A-Terre”. We’re located in a small enclave of the East Village called Alphabet City. Tim and I travel quite a bit to NYC for business and thought it would be great to finally own a thin slice of the Apple. After a short visit in 2015 we had exactly 2.5 hours to see a few Open Houses and luckily landed on our current property holding. We love the East Village for its’ colorful past and current revitalized neighborhoods. Once a hardened area of the city, it’s now a vibrant area with loads of restaurants and shops to go to. Totally convenient to Subway and bus lines and just 1 mile away from SOHO, NOHO, Lower East Side, West Village, NOLITA and of course, Brooklyn Heights.

Why do we do it? Many people ask us why we rent out our homes after staging it for ourselves. The fact of the matter is really quite simple. We love architecture and interior design. And, we love sharing our spaces with people. For us, it’s like hosting a dinner party with immediate gratification. Our future probably holds some sort of side career, where we end up doing what we do, on a much larger scale for other people or, expanding into a design consult arena.

Having the career paths that both Tim and I have had, it’s really an ad hoc business that compliments both our strengths. We are always looking at and talking about real estate. And, of course, beautiful design concepts are always a given, no matter where we go in the world. As we’ve grown a little longer on the tooth, we’ve definitely decided that our vacation rental homes are places we will spend our retirement years. Each property bring a different emotional response to us. For Buenos Aires, we feel the struggle of a different culture coupled with language barriers. In Palm Springs we love the throw back to our youths architecturally speaking and the ease of life in the desert. With New York, we feel the drive and challenge of being in a fast paced, fast thinking environment. We also love not having the responsibility of driving a car while having instant access to restaurants, shops and an exuberating city beat.

Funny how things work out. We never in a million years imagined ourselves as short term rental – owners. This experience has been a very rewarding one, in many ways. We’ve friended so many people who have the same interests as we do and we get to share our lives with people who are interested. We’re an open book so to speak, our home lives are very much expressed in our 2nd homes and we feel very fortunate to have a guest following that responds well to our lifestyle. It’s the instant gratification that also fuels the fire.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are very hands on and would love for you to consider staying with us at one of our properties. We have a wonderful team of trusted employees to help us make your stay a memorable one.

Warmest regards,

Reuben and Tim

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