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My family consists of myself, Marcos, my wife Natasha and our son Paul John. We live in Athens, Greece and our summer house is located in Oi...

My family consists of myself, Marcos, my wife Natasha and our son Paul John. We live in Athens, Greece and our summer house is located in Oia (Ia) on the island of Santorini. It is true to say that we hold this place in high regard, because it is a unique island worldwide. We have spent partly our holidays there for the last 20 years and we built a bigger house some years ago, the one that we are currently renting. All items and comforts are carefully selected as this is our summer house as well. We will be pleased to welcome you there and help you create long term memories.
I have a life motto: "There is always a solution." No better test of that philosophy than taking the leap of faith that is travel.

Oia is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, carved out of the cliffs and clinging to the edge. The architecture is amazing and is highlighted by the stark white of the buildings and the contrasting colorful doors and window shutters. It has often been compared to the eagle's nest! Enjoy the panoramic view of caldera, the volcano, Thirasia Island, and the rest of Santorini looking back toward Fira.
Oia is a favorite haunt of artists, many of whose works can be found in the local galleries of the village. And no wonder ... who would not be inspired by this magical place! While the sun sinks into the sea, its splendid colors spread throughout the sky. It literally takes your breath away! Get a front-row seat on the terrace of villa and enjoy a drink, while watching the setting sun produce an array of colors beyond your imagination.

Welcome to our beautiful traditional and picturesque villas on Santorini Island! I would be very happy to host you! If you have further questions regarding the accommodation, feel free to contact me! I love Santorini and I can provide you all the information, which may need for a great experience in this amazing island.
Staying at Oia Sunset Villas you have the privilege of Privacy and Greater view to Oia's sunset, you can access villas by car with private parking area , direct access to fields for walks out of the crowd and just 400 meters from Oia's center.
This villa will appeal to those looking for a luxury home which is among peaceful Oia surroundings. The luxury combined with the ultimate privacy offers you an unforgettable stay and a unique experience. Enjoy the traditional Cycladic architecture, the simple luxury and the experience of sunset views. Relax body and soul in a private outdoor heated hydro-massage spa (Jacuzzi). Oia Sunset Villas are specially designed for persons and families, who want to live the extra ordinary!

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