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My condo just keeps getting better and the view from the south facing windows does as well. It is centrally located and the interior is el...

My condo just keeps getting better and the view from the south facing windows does as well. It is centrally located and the interior is elegance at its best. It is definitely comfortable, unpretentious and makes one feel nurtured. The new furnishings and memory foam beds will make you want to stay forever.
I am living in Nassau during the winter months and my property manager looks after this condo as she has done for many years.

Last year I received an award for excellence in the hospitality industry. I have copied the entry that was published in Forbes magazine.

Halifax, NS, Canada/ Continental Who’s Who/- Pauline Elizabeth Blades is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of Hospitality as a result of her role as Owner and Operator of Halifax Executive Suites and Morning Mist Cottage Retreat.
Pauline Elizabeth’s highly infectious entrepreneurial spirit increased when she moved from Canada to the Bahamas to teach Music Education in Nassau. Needing a home to come back to she bought a beautiful condo in the heart of the Halifax and turned it into a vacation rental. This was an easy undertaking as she had been operating Morning Mist Cottage Retreat for 12 years. Pauline has a passion for decorating and renovating and spent many years professionally studying within the hospitality industry and mentoring with top designers. She loves taking something that is quite ordinary and turning it a beautiful work of art. The guests that visit both properties are cared for and nurtured. Creating happiness for her guests is Pauline’s pride and joy.
Morning Mist Cottage is located in Shelburne County on 62 acres of private woodland and lake frontage. Morning Mist is in a growth spurt and by 2017 will expand to become a retreat center for recreation, spiritual renewal and healing. Morning Mist Cottage is a four star accommodation with Canada Select.
Pauline Elizabeth is a multi-talented person and continues to have many irons in the fire. She holds undergraduate degrees and a Masters in Psychology and Human Relations, dozens of certifications, graduate studies in Music Education and is a certified Kodaly and Orff specialist. While teaching in Canada she won a national award for Music Education Excellence.
Pauline’s spiritual commitment has been first and foremost in her life and spans almost 40 years that began when she completed her first teacher’s training in yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. She is a Swedish Massage and Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Reiki
Master, Healing Codes Practitioner and soon to be a Happiness coach.
Relationships with family, friends and colleagues are vital to Pauline. She is the mother of four adult children and seven grandchildren all of whom grew up during the summer at the cottage and will continue the legacy with their own children. For more information, please visit

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