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We love offering guests that someplace special for their Durango vacation. We have fully refurnished our condos from top to bottom, and made...

We love offering guests that someplace special for their Durango vacation. We have fully refurnished our condos from top to bottom, and made significant physical improvements throughout. Our goal is to create a unique ambiance for both guests and ourselves to enjoy treasured vacation time.

There are the realistic mortgages, HOA and care-taking expenses to pay; however, the joyful part of renting is to hear that our interior work has helped make a guest's vacation special. We make annual improvements and listen to guests throughout each season to maintain our home's quality.

Why Durango? Why stay on the mountain? We have grown a custom home building business in Costa Rica for the past 12 years. The second-world country it is beautifully diverse; however it is intensely hot to work in the sun this close to the equator. In contrast, the mountains of Durango feel soooooo good! The truly breathtaking CO Rocky Mountain views start 5 minutes North of Tamarron, reaching the height of their beauty in the miles around Durango Mountain Resort. If you are seeking to escape the heat, in summer the mountain can be 15 degrees cooler than down-town. In addition to the stunning vistas on the mountain, the cooler climate, and open spaces, we adore Durango's down-town historic charm and arts community. Just 30 minutes south, it is an easy daily drive.

Silverton and Swiss influenced Ouray are great day-trips 45 min and 1.15 hr North of our mountain vacation rentals. A day trip to Mesa Verde National Park is only 1.15 hrs South. There are so many lakes and creeks to explore on the mountain, Potato (Spud), Electra, Haviland, Big & Little Molas to name a few! There is unlimited free hiking in summer, spring and fall, and awesome skiing at Purgatory in winter. Cody and his Dad have become fly-fishing aficionado's, their fly collections are starting to get a little over the top. Our young daughter asks year-round "when can we go to Durango to ski or ride horses? She loves all the hiking, fishing at Spud lake, and zipping down the blue runs as a family.

Like most visitors captivated by its wily ways; we hope to one day move to Durango Mountain to raise our daughter with the mountain views, great climate, and horses. In the meanwhile, as we earn a living in the tropical heat, ha ha, we look forward to getting to the mountain as often as possible. Most importantly, we hope that all guests will enjoy the location and character of our vacation rentals. Vacation is a hard-earned treasure for all families and couples and we want our home to be a special part of your Durango Mountain experience!

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