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?Hello and Thank you for visiting us here at Chalet Mary Pink.?
Chalet Mary Pink is a nurturing environment, offering a cozy home for...

?Hello and Thank you for visiting us here at Chalet Mary Pink.?
Chalet Mary Pink is a nurturing environment, offering a cozy home for a family vacation,  an awesome place to have your group workshop, or the perfect place to come  get away to rest, heal and rejuvenate.  Whatever your situation, Chalet Mary Pink can create a enjoyable visit for you, your family, or group, while spending time in Uruguay.
The environment and location of Chalet Mary Pink, is perfect for a restful retreat or enjoying the night life, and excitement of Uruguay’s most famous beaches. The location allows you to enjoy being close enough to participate in the local action but far enough away so you can retreat from the crowds, and experience the amazing nature and authenticity of Uruguay’s peaceful lifestyle.
Chalet Mary Pink has a traditional Uruguayan feel when inside, having a really large, newly remodeled kitchen, perfect for cooking and entertaining groups, large and small.
A detached spa room, including a sauna, jacuzzi, can be rented for an additional fee. During times of the year we offer massage and other holistic treatments. Scheduled times, throughout the year, the house is a center for dancing, music, cooking, surfing and spiritual workshops.
We can arrange dance classes of Candombe, a traditional music found  in Uruguay. Classes in African/Brazilian, Tango, Salsa , Uruguayan folk, and belly dancing, are also available. Chalet mary pink has a staff of chefs that will cook for you and during chosen times of the year will be holding cooking classes, teaching the traditional foods of Uruguay, Indian Cuisine, Raw and Healthy eating.
Assisting you in finding the quaint little spots when going out, is our pleasure. Helping make travel arrangements for your groups travel, including personal spanish speaking escorts can be arranged.  Customizing tours and adventures, is our pleasure. (please see trips under tours and adventures).Guided tours to Remote beaches, quaint cities, thermal hot springs, horseback riding ranches, wineries, surf adventures, nature retreats. Iguazu Falls, BuenosAires, and more, can be?arranged including all transportation and details for trips.
In need of dental work? We have connected with some of the finest dentists, using the latest technology for implants etc. come stay with us, we will take you to your appointments, cook for you, and allow you the environment to rest and heal.
Throughout the year Chalet Mary Pink will be hosting workshops in health, art, music, dance, cooking, and more. Artists, teachers, and medical people, will be invited to share their talents and gifts.
Please feel free to write us with any questions you have about Chalet Mary Pink, and, or Uruguay.

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