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Since 1981 the owner is Orion Consultings Limited. Incorporated from 13th Day of October 1981 under the Company Act Number 243822 of Provinc...

Since 1981 the owner is Orion Consultings Limited. Incorporated from 13th Day of October 1981 under the Company Act Number 243822 of Province British Columbia, Ministry of Commerce and Corporate Affairs. We built villa Orion - with our Swiss architect - between 2004-2007 at the location of our old cottage. From 1. January 2013 we decided to rent villa Orion. The City of Penticton approved the rental with the business license, number 14610.

After more than 30 years' ownership we can say that this property has always been a sanctuary for us. We want to share our excellent personal experiences with you. Relax and leave this retreat rejuvenated!

Rein Willemsen - our reservation manager - and our local concierge are the representatives of the owner. Our reservation manager is responsible for below steps 1-6 & 10, 11 & 12. Our concierge for step 7, 8 & 9.

Our communication with you goes in twelve steps:

Step 1: Your orientation & information requests. You send us your online form “Contact” Within 24 hours you will get our answer. In “FAQ” you may find your answer:

Step 2: Your reflection & decision making about villa Orion. In personal mailing we help you in making your decision. Check our availability & rates at:

Step 3: Finalizing reservation in four personal mails. 1. Our confirmation of your reservation; 2. We mail you two documents: the Rental Agreement and Terms & Conditions; 3. You mail us the signed Rental Agreement back; 4. We mail you our final confirmation + the first 50% payment to be paid before ………….

Step 4. Your first 50% payment is directly after signing the Rental Agreement Two personal mails: 1. We mail you the invoice for the first 50% payment; 2. We confirm your payment by mail + the second 50% to be paid before………….

Step 5. Your second 50% payment is two months before your arrival. Two personal mails: 1. Four weeks before the second 50% payment we send you our invoice; 2. We confirm the payment received by mail + the timing of the payment of your security deposit + your relevant insurances + your arrival place & time + your needs & wishes.

Step 6. Your security deposit of 25% to be paid 4 weeks before your arrival. Two personal mails: 1. We send you our invoice 2. We confirm the payment received by mail+ our payback conditions+ your relevant insurances.

Step 7. Your arrival at Villa Orion. When you arrive by plane our concierge will pick you up at Penticton Airport. Arriving at our gate our concierge will welcome you, show you around, explain our house rules and hand over the inventory checklist of villa Orion.

Step 8. Your stay at Villa Orion. During a week stay the villa will be cleaned up midweek.

Step 9. Your check out & inventory control short before your departure. Our concierge will strictly control our properties with the inventory checklist.

Step 10. Your holiday experiences & evaluation. You are asked to write your review. Read the reviews at:

Step 11. Our pay back security of your 25% deposit. We will mail you, that we paid your deposit back.

Step 12. Our weeks’ & months’ after communication. In Facebook & Twitter you can exchange your information & photos from villa Orion. You can place your YouTube films on our website. And we can send you our quarterly newsletters starting from October 1 2013.

Contact our reservation manager at:

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