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The bottom line –
Professionally, Dr. Mitch Perlman is a Child Neuropsychologist. Primarily, he assesses special needs kids, so th...

The bottom line –
Professionally, Dr. Mitch Perlman is a Child Neuropsychologist. Primarily, he assesses special needs kids, so that they receive the compendium of educational & medical services required to reach their potential and lead enriched lives.

The detail –
For better or for worse, children have a way of shaping their parents' destiny, and so it was with Dr. Mitch. Shortly after the birth of his first child, a new father who thought he knew everything, Dr. Mitch discovered very quickly that he actually knew very little: at least with regard to raising a child. That single event caused Dr. Mitch to alter his career direction to Child Psychology, and he has not veered from that path since that decision was made.

While Dr. Mitch lends his expertise to children and teens who have stepped away from the mainstream or who are involved in chaotic/traumatic/critical/intense situations, Dr. Mitch's more unique expertise lies in assessments. Being cross-trained in education, in forensics, in psychopharmacology, and in neuropsychology, Dr. Perlman is involved in assessing some of the most fascinating individuals, and he has a knack for detecting and/or explaining things that have often gone unnoticed or that have been misunderstood. In many children who had been diagnosed with Autism or Intellectual Disability, for example, Dr. Mitch has found near-gifted to gifted intelligence and has been instrumental in guiding parents to the resources to unlock it.

Dr. Mitch's clients refer to him as being “a Big Kid.” He scuba dives, snowboards, races autos; he has a pilot's license and loves glider planes, hang-gliding, and sky-diving; and he is dying for the opportunity to be catapulted off a carrier on an F-14. What won't he do? Jump off a high-diving board, claiming to be afraid of heights. Go figure.

On a more personal note, Dr. Mitch has an incredible spouse, three wonderful adult children, and eight amazing grandchildren (I know, he looks, or at least acts, way too young to have grandkids). Dr. Mitch has also rescued/adopted two boys, Jax & Jake: both are Miniature Pinschers. Jax is the wild child: hence, his nickname, “Ritalin.” Jake is the more sedate (relative to the breed): hence, his nickname, “Prozac.” Dr. Mitch is additionally a foster parent for the Miniature Pinscher Rescue.

Dr. Mitch’s son is the network administrator for Callaway Golf, so both he and his son have a full complement of Callaway clubs. Neither, though, have taken up the sport, except for when, with Callaway putters in hand, they head to the Family Fun Centers’ Putt Putt course, where the real competition begins.

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