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6 years’ experience as a holiday letting agent in the Cotswolds
Independent business, working closely with private lodge owners...

6 years’ experience as a holiday letting agent in the Cotswolds
Independent business, working closely with private lodge owners
Choice of circa 13 carefully selected high quality holiday lodges

Kasha Grimes, Managing Director of Cotswolds Spa Holidays, has approximately 6 years’ experience of working in the Cotswold Water Park. Kasha has a close relationship with numerous lodge owners. This relationship is vital to the business as it ensures that she retains a family-like, yet professional, manner right to the core of the business and deeply cares for the value our product.

All the properties are third party owned second homes, namely, that they are owned by private individuals generally for the benefit of their immediate family but are also let out through us to defray the costs of running & maintaining the properties and therefore are often furnished in an individual & personal way with no two properties fitted out the same. Guests return year on year & can enjoy a different experience each time & select a property that best fits the requirements of the guests they plan to bring along, old or young. Due to the eclectic mix of owners each property has its own lively charm and feels like an actual home, rather than a prescribed holiday environment put together by a corporate design team. We aim to offer stunning holiday homes to add to any occasion.

After leaving recruitment, Kasha began her own agency business in 2011 setting up Cotswolds Spa Holidays with a portfolio of just 3 rental properties offering a boutique high end service for discerning guests.

Surrounded by picturesque Cotswold villages, historic market towns and an area of lakes larger than the Norfolk broads, the stunning, natural landscape is tough competition for our fabulous lakeside holiday homes & a catchment of some 20 million potential guests within 2 hours by car. The area is renowned for its wildlife and the range of activities available. Similarly, for those seeking the finer things in life, the area is also renowned for great restaurants, a lively atmosphere and top notch facilities.

'What first drew me to working in the water park was the landscape. It's great to work with a product that is constantly changing. The seasons and the wildlife mean that there is always something different; it's what keeps people coming back year after year. It's also a hidden gem. Many people aren't aware of the spectacular scenery and its proximity to a number of vibrant tourist destinations. I feel very lucky to be able to work surrounded by all of this.'

The combination of a beautiful and unique setting, first class holiday homes, activities to suit everyone, and our commitment to providing high quality accommodation, means that you won’t be disappointing in choosing Cotswolds Spa Holidays. It’s what makes our guests come back year after year, so start making your memories with us!

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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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September 2008
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