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We are a 501c Non-Profit Wellness Center Retreat and Animal Sanctuary. Your stay with us is a tax deductible. The minimum stay per night is...

We are a 501c Non-Profit Wellness Center Retreat and Animal Sanctuary. Your stay with us is a tax deductible. The minimum stay per night is considered a donation in exchange for staying on property. The money helps us to care and provide for the numerous animals and to upkeep the property and wellness center. Our sanctuary is a mile North of the property and we welcome visitors by appointment.
Additional donations are accepted and welcome.
We are a constant work in progress, so please be kind. If you are looking for blemish free, pristine luxury surroundings, we are not your place. Our homes and surroundings are humble yet beautiful. Nature at its finest.
Our properties are Ocean front vs beach front which leads to the privacy our guests enjoy. Enjoy both the Sun and the Moon (when out) rising in your back yard!
You may experience raw ocean activity of waves splashing up on the lawn at times during high tides. We consider this magical and a total blessing.

If you enjoy nature and kick back type of folks, we welcome you! We do our best to offer a comfortable and clean environment for your stay. If something is not to your expectations, we request you to call us and we will do everything in our power to correct it. Please no, mean spirited reviews after the fact. Give us the opportunity to make things right.

We host scheduled visits to the animal sanctuary and hikes to the top of our mountain with panoramic views of the windward coast, nature excursions, animal therapy, farming experience, and so much more.
You are welcome you to partake in any of our various activities just inquire.

We ask that our guests respect the surroundings and leave the premise free of trash, cigarette butts, etc.

People have asked us if they can fish off our backyard............Well, the answer is please NO! There are several beaches along the coastline that are open for fishing and spearing. We prefer the animals in an out of the water feel safe in our private little haven. We are also surrounded by rock reefs and don't want broken fishing lines off our property. It causes harm to turtles, seals, fish. Thank you for respecting that :)

Our units have Pur Water Filters installed in the kitchens for drinking. We ask that you choose to bring a container to refill vs cases of plastic bottles to add to the land fill. Our goals are to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of our homes are solar equipped so if you can leave lights and air off during the day when not around it helps us to feed the grid and save resources. If you leave things on and are gone for the day, our staff is instructed to turn things off.

Being on the beach will cause wear and tear on our units, which we do our best to stay on top of but occasionally there will be a blemish here or there. But how about those views!! Relax and enjoy.

Mahalo for respecting that!
Hearts For Animals Inc.

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