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From a young age our respective moms frequently took us to this beautiful island called Puerto Rico. Although our families were from differe...

From a young age our respective moms frequently took us to this beautiful island called Puerto Rico. Although our families were from different sides of the island, we share similar stories of hanging out with crazy cousins in the rivers, adventures in the lush mountain surroundings with our brothers and going fishing at the beach with our vociferous uncles. Our fondest memories were/are sitting at the dinner table with our grandparents to hear delightful stories about how life used to be.

Several years ago I was presented with the concept of using my logistics & real estate background hand in hand by owning and/or marketing amazing homes in Puerto Rico. Since then I've been joined by my beautiful girlfriend Cathy and my lovely niece Katryel who both share my love and passion of the island and its delightful culture.

At most of our properties you can order delicious authentic Puerto Rican meals cooked and delivered right to your home by our family & friends. We offer several eco-friendly adventure tours (fulfilled by local companies), or you can just relax and immerse yourself in the local culture while creating wonderful memories.

We offer the ability to travel and explore the whole island using one of these homes as a base or several during your stay. Doing this will help you better experience our culture, and the islands' delightful people. Our hope is that you fall in love with this enchanted island as much as we have.

Once you complete your reservation, Katryel will send a PDF that you will need to print prior to your arrival. This information includes detailed directions with GPS coordinates, more information about your stay and what we call our Activity Chart with lots of extras. The Activity Chart will help you plan out several days in our area with local spots to enjoy!

Upon arrival to Paradise, Cathy and I take over (mostly through text if you need anything). We, like many of you love to travel, the outdoors, to learn about where people are from, their likes & dislikes, but mostly what made you choose Puerto Rico.

Some of these properties are ours and several are owned by individuals (many elderly) that have trusted us to share their homes with the world using our management and marketing systems. We only work with people who also want you to explore and experience some of our rich and diverse culture. Since many of these owners are elderly and all the homes are in residential areas, I encourage you not to book with us if your are not lovely, clean, honest and respectable.

We are honored you are considering us to help “host a life-time of memories”!!!

Adam, Cathy & Kat (niece)

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Coffee Farm House w/Wi-Fi

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Utuado Mountain House - Casa Altura (Sleeps 1-6)

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Hacienda Bona Vista-Meuseum w/Wi-fi

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The Sanctuary - Lake View Mountain Home w/Wi-Fi

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Casa Flor - Mountain Top Garden Home w/Wi-Fi

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San Juan Beachside Hotel - No Car Needed!

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