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The quiet simplicity of rooms albeit without any compromise whatsoever as to modern amenities, are what visitors to peaceful Haraki are loo...

The quiet simplicity of rooms albeit without any compromise whatsoever as to modern amenities, are what visitors to peaceful Haraki are looking for.\n The Greeks favour it as the surroundings bring up the most delightful memories of childhood in their native villages as well as because time in Haraki flies by in delightful indolence, allowing them to make the most of every moment passing by.\n The pace of life in Haraki is slow and quite; still, holidaymakers can be sure of being met with the ultimate in amenities and high technology services. The effect is a wonderful feeling of homeliness. \n Our guests would have no difficulty to confirm it: even those who started by coming by as weekenders, sooner or later end up spending an entire holiday at Haraki Mare Studios and Apts and, more often than not, book themselves for a next holiday in the future.\n Within a mere 2 min walking distance from our facility, a grocery store offers a wide choice of whatever one needs for a successful holiday. Further on, one comes across several taverns proposing the most delicious dishes, as well as fast-food shops, ice-cream parlours, billiard rooms and internet cafés – anything to please a younger clientele, when they leave the beach!\n Ground floor apartments may house 2 to 4 people: they comprise two rooms, arranged in the traditional way, that is to say a ground floor and an elevated second space (locally known as “patariá”) whereto access is obtained over a wooden staircase. Separation between the two is traditionally effected through a curtain. Such apartments are equipped with an electrical stove and kitchen, a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffeemaker, a kettle as well as a fridge, a hairdryer, a safe box, air-conditioning, a bathroom with hot water supply (solar-powered), orthopaedic mattresses and two television sets.\n Each apartment disposes of its own tree-grown garden whereas the beach, to which all apartments happen to give, is right at the foot of our facility.\n Rooms on the first floor of the facility are single-spaced and may play host to 2 to 3 persons. Each room disposes of its own bathroom, endowed with continuous hot water (solar-powered), air-conditioning, kitchenette, kettle, hairdryer, safe box, fridge and a television set.\n The beddings and towels are changed and rooms are cleaned twice a week.\n One of the most scenic and calm areas in Greece and admittedly one of the most beautiful sites on the island of Rhodes, Haraki awaits those in quest of a truly magic holiday. Come make the most of it in Haraki Mare Studios and Apts!\nWe are open the year round – all you need to do is make a timely reservation!\n\nHaraki Mare: your guarantee for a comfortable and carefree stay!\n

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