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Ever wonder what it means in its true essence?

Well, wanderlust is a powerful thing. It’s a thir...


Ever wonder what it means in its true essence?

Well, wanderlust is a powerful thing. It’s a thirst for adventure. To explore. To take a road less taken. It’s the desire to see every corner of the planet and then visit it few more times again. It’s a vague emotion, a twinge at the back of your mind, an extra beat of your heart, a longing for explorations to see things and experience natural beauty that even thousand words can’t explain.

It’s the most widely sought after experience by adventurists, trekkers, nature lovers, wilderness seekers, enthusiasts…

My story of Wanderlust begins from the small streets and school of Bareilly back in 1998. While I was juggling schools and friends an opportunity presented itself to experience country living for the first time at a friend’s farm house. Wide meadows, lush green trees dotted by beautiful flowers spreading their fragrance infused with the scent of moist earth, pet dogs, buffaloes and chickens lazing around and watching the sun go by during the day completely mesmerized me. Soon enough college came knocking at my doors and studies, for once took a front seat. However that didn’t stop me from going back to the country living every now and then.

Before I knew it, the gears of life were already rolling and I landed in the heart of the country: Delhi. Like a wave following the one in front of it and rushing to the inevitable shore, I worked in BPO for almost 3 years before I got an opportunity with one of the largest Print Media Company. Stable work life balance opened endless possibilities of travel. The thing about traveling is, it’s not only about visiting new places but the enriched experience with people, communities and food which enhances the overall personality. It changes the way you see the world beyond barriers. My traveling made me realize my inherent love for nature and its offerings. My love for mountains, their gravity and stability and most of all their serene majestic beauty.

That brings me to Manali.

Manali and I go way back in time and share an inseparable bond. We first crossed path in 2007 when my wife and I spent our special time together. It was a remarkable, exhilarating and humbling experience and I knew instantaneously that Manali is my calling in the time to unfold.

All this while the gears of life kept rolling full throttle. Switched my job and started working with an Education Management Company. Traveled to the UK, middle east and Indian sub-continent. With each journey my lust to explore was just expanding and brought me that much more closer to nature, not just in foreign lands but closer back home too.

It wasn’t till 2016 I took a decision to bid adieu to a decade long journey in Sales and Marketing and embark upon a new expedition in the lap of mountains and nature with a quest to find a healthy, content, refreshing and a wholesome life.

My pursuit of Wanderlust has brought me right here in Manali.

At the northern flanks of Kullu, on the banks of river Beas this densely forested town lay right in the foothills of the Himalayas. The sheer tranquility, peaceful & calm aura of the place relaxes both body and mind.

It is here I decided to open doors to my Cottage which will help me share the benefits of natural living with as many people as possible. Bringing them the best of both worlds: Organic lifestyle and adventure escapades.

Wanderlust is what drives millions of people in different directions and traces the tracks they leave all over the world. I hope your wanderlust brings you to Idyllic Inn

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